Beautiful People Can Get Away With Everything

So I accompanied my hot chick of a friend to a function the other day, which required a cover charge. She feigned ignorance and pleaded with the bouncer to let her in, just because she was just 5 minutes past the designated hour. She smiled coyly, eyes wide open and rested her hand on the bouncer’s arm, cajolled him.
The bouncer let out a sigh, and let her in.
I followed suit, but to be stopped by the bouncer.
“No, you must pay the cover charge.”
“But… but…. I’m with her!” I protested, pointing to Hot Chick who glided in, as graceful as a swan.
She turned to see if I was right behind her, and saw Mr. Bouncer blocking my way. She sashayed towards us and told him, “Come on, let her in. Please?”
In that soft, baby voice, and she batted her eyelashes.
Mr. Bouncer sighed, surrendered to her feminine wiles and reluctantly let me in, the Ugly Baboon. I muttered a Thank You but Mr. Bouncer ignored me.

38 thoughts on “Beautiful People Can Get Away With Everything”

  1. yes, i know this situation full well indeed for i’ve been a victim many a time to hot womenly charms…
    this colleague of mine’s pretty hot and she was passing out cakes for her birthday and here i was trying to go on diet, so i declined. she pouted and said “but it’s my birthday…”. before i knew what was happening i had cake in my hands.
    curse my gullible mind! curse my gullible mind to hell!

  2. pokai: better still, bank account.. for the donation. Make sure can use internet banking. hhaha.
    bimbo: dont angry la… for ur own good only ma. I dowan you be like Wacko Jacko. Nanti hidung jatuh.

  3. 11th!!!
    sigh..tats why i always surrender to my gf…
    its true though…
    but plastic surgery is not the way la…it might turn out all wacko jacko or ms./mr. happy face even if ur not face…u get wut i mean…facelift and all

  4. hmm..why do i find this entry soooo familiar.. *sigh*…
    I’ve setup a “free me” donation box for years in cube…occasionally i get some generous donations of a couple of cents (after paying bills)…the rest of the times, folks who walk past my cube would say this “I think it’s easier to die and try your luck again when you reborn than to put hopes on plastic surgery”…

  5. Why plastic surgery? Not natural lar…not going to sponsor!! kekeke
    Hey, it’s not just the beauty that charm ppl but is also the talking skill your Hot Chick friend got. Each had different approach mar…I am sure u can attemp to do something about it bimbo!!!

  6. i still think everyone will only succumb to sweet talk by good looking people. unless they really look “ker lian” (as cnigel would say) or pathetic. i guess i shall try to look pathetic next time… ;D
    you guys tell me la, the only way you do not fall for sweet talk by good looking people is when you know he or she has a bitchy personality. no?

  7. I might have the look of a bit “ker lian” lor that’s why they let me in anytime. Let me share with u a story…
    I nearly kena from a policeman for drinking. I was drinking on sat nite(as usual)at Passion. After the drinking session and I straight away head home using the Jalan Tun Razak. Then…there is a massive road block over there with lots of police. I think i kena liao….damn!! So I look at the officer with a innocent look and wanted to open my window while his torch light was directly towards me. However…he ask me to go without opening the window and also without hesistation..I said bye!!!
    JackAss luck mate, maybe is the innocent look or maybe is pure luck!! kekekeke
    So…bimbo..pls look “ker lian” not pathetic cause u might look dumb!! kekeke

  8. Applegal: even watching an episode of Nip Tuck where some dodgy alco surgeon did bad surgery freaks me out. of cos i won’t consider plastic surgery…. UNLESS there is a need to. like my nose really falls off my face or something…
    FrentZen: HA!!!!!!! show me some of your poses? I gotta learn some too ;P

  9. Ermmm…Look at the recent Digi Advertisement..look for the last part where there is this innocent looking boy (kind of retarded)…u try to look like that and surely everything u do can “kau tiam”!!! hehehehe

  10. boobie and endooG: eh, big boobs doesn’t mean a girl can get that kind of attention la, unless she doesn’t mind talking to the tops of guys heads as they stare at her chest la.

  11. plastic surgery no good. u will look more ugly when u’re older…for an instance ur body no longer able to support the weight of ur “plastic” as u grow older. it would be repulsive if u either see a granny with a 34D,hard D breast .worst still, the silicon break thru ur chest skin making a permanent big hole there. you wan that to happen?
    i never hav any problem entering a club even with my baby face.

  12. oh no. i must have got the terminology wrong. i should have said “cosmetic surgery” right? sorry sorry. i dowan big papaya boobs that tickle my knees each time i walk, no thanks!
    electronicfly: ;D (wah, you guys going to have gathering but never invited me. ;( )
    cnigel: baby face but cute or not? ;P hehe, joking la ok!

  13. bimbobum: Nip and tuck? I’ve seen The Swan, and another one on MTV, not forgetting to mention the one they showed on AXN. EWWWW, I hate it when they slice around the face and lift up the flap of your skin like a mask. Yuuuuuuckkkkssss!!!!

  14. julz: but that’s cheating! if you’re still ugly (not you, literally), they won’t let you in despite you flashing your no-panties-underneath skirt ;P

  15. bimbo: being beautiful means not having to wink and flash and sweet talk to get their way.
    Being beautiful is about bringing the inner self outside to make people gape in awe about the person in whole, where others are able to appreciate one without the necessity of using worldly means of pleasure…or something…

  16. Bimbobum…I don’t think being “HOT” is a great thing (I am not denying that it’s a good thing tho). I play alot of poker with my BF and I always get my way to be 1st on the waiting list πŸ˜‰ BUT…My BF got frustrated coz all the supervisors who work at the card room that we frequent is always flirting with me. So yeaps…1st on the waiting list and the 1st thing I get when I am alone with my BF is..nagging (for being too “close” to all the supervisors at the card room). =S Pros and Cons…

  17. bimbo: i’m not going oso…ss2 murni’s on the 5th of oct i think..go la, i think all going oso guys oni..

  18. cnigel: the 2nd story is real – the guy ran away from me. so i don’t think acting cute will let me in for free ;D
    karheng: sounds like buddhism to me ;D
    PokerPlays: the advantages and disadvantages of being hot ;P
    frank_omatic: you sponsoring?
    electronicfly: not invited so i dowan to go ;P

  19. sigh, we all (‘not-good-looking’ gals)hv experienced that before..
    hey bimbobum may be we shud hang out together, at least if one of us got rejected, still hv the company of each other rite? kekeke

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