Bintulu Day 2

I wish I could come out with something funny on this post. But I guess I’m just too exhausted to think of anything funny. So here are the happenings of the day.

This trip is an eating trip. Alex’s parents has been feeding us good food non stop.

The day started off with breakfast @ Bintulu town. We had the famous konlou noodles. Each of us were assigned to finish 2 plates of noodles before we could leave the place.

Bintulu-rians doesn’t speak Cantonese (my chinese dialect). I wanted chrysentimum tea (dont have my spell checker with me now so pardon the spelling mistake), hence I told the lady, “kok fa”.

Lady: har? apa? (what?)
Me: kok fa kok fa kok fa!!

The lady then asked his boss to speak to me.

Me: kok fa.
Boss: ???
William (my friend): (mumbled something in Mandarin)
Boss: ooohhh… (then started mocking me by repeating the words “kok fa” and shaked his ass)

What a fucker man.

We then adjourned to the market place. The prices are really cheap. We could get prawns (no idea what is it called but it has blue testacles, prolly its lobster?) at RM25 per kilo. In KL, we have to pay about RM65 per kilo.

We spent the entire day at Alex’s kick ass 3 acre orchard. It was the time of our life. We were fed with barbequed chicken, pork and prawns, together with fruits plucked fresh from the trees. If it was not for the mosquitoes, the place would be Eden-like.

The orchard has about 6 ponds. Alex and his workers fished out the entire pond with a huge net. The smaller fishes were then barbequed while the huge ones were given away.

If Eden exists in Malaysia, it would be Alex’s orchard. Imagine lying down on a bench, with no worries in the world, with a coconut on your hand, aah..that’s life…

Once the dark sets in, we were brought to a NLG plant (natural gas plant). There we witness a real plant at work, the burning of unwanted gasses lighted up the entire place. It was a really spectacular view.

We ended the night with dinner at a restaurant. Bear in mind the last time we ate was just an hour ago… oh my turning into a BFF (big fat fuck)..

8 thoughts on “Bintulu Day 2”

  1. Halo XES, Prawns are blue when they are still alive….heheheh…just bigger ones with their ‘claws’, small claws only..(did u watch Finding Nemo? ahaha same type! and yes they do clean the fish in the tank).eh go fishing man…there got big river…all fish hungry one…then can put over the fire….HAha…and traditional style Fish…if polluted i duno laa….THe READERs DemAnd PHOTOS! HEHEH

  2. Gavin: I’m turning into a BFF like u!! hahahaYUMMIE: can.. kim: wait la, I havent develop the photos yet karheng: ooohh.. we had big prawns with blue claws.. frank: yeah la. somemore running on a turtle speed computer. only 128mb !!

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