Bintulu Day 3 – Gua Niah

Since it’s Nicole, David and Joo Pern’s last day here, we decided to visit Niah Cave. 2 cars, 7 people. The journey took about an hour plus. After that, we had to walk about 3KM through the jungle to get to the caves.

The view was magnificient. Further, there were loads of natives harvesting bird nest. The process was scary. All they had to climb was just a thin bamboo stick.

The rest wore shoes. I wore slippers. God damn guano, they’re every where! At one point, it was raining guano. EUW.

We ventured deep into the cave, taking routes which were not set. The highlight of the day was when we found a bottomless pit. William and I tried walking on the side of it but froze after looking at the bottomless pit. My balls shrunk man..

However, the natives seems to be pretty cool about it. They used a think wooden plank the bottomless pit. I was literally on my knees, trying to get back to the other side.

Gang @ Bottomless pit!

The exit

The gang @ the exit
So the journey ended about 1PM.
We picked a Swiss hitch hiker on the way. Not hot at all, she’s a middle aged Geography teacher. After travelling for half an hour, Alex’s Mercedes stalled. The car broke down.

The other car didn’t know that our car broke down hence they continued their way to Niah town. Alex and the Swiss lady had to take bus to the town to look for them, while William and I were stranded in the middle of no where. We had no food and drinks, no shops nearby, all they have was some Iban long houses. For the next half an hour, William and I were subjected to inhumane torture by the hot scorching sun and dangdut music from a nearby long house. We took refuge at a nearby but stop.

We’re lost..
Thank god for the bus stop, we would be BBQ alive if it was not for it.

Next stop… The biggest Cave Chamber in the world.. Mulu Caves tomorrow! I’ll be there for 3 days hence to my guestbloggers, BLOG BLOG BLOG !!

10 thoughts on “Bintulu Day 3 – Gua Niah”

  1. xes: Hahaha…u wear slipper to Niah Cave…hahahahha…Anyway, you guys should ask the Iban for Tuak — Iban Rice Wine. They will give it to you for free lar. It taste super good…a bit like 7-up.

  2. u like mountain climbing too? I have a friend who loves doing all this outdoor stuff, u could be very good hiking friends! he did Gunung Tahan n Kinabalu not very long ago.

  3. dude, you only have two guestbloggers left lar –galferari and me but no worry, i will blog whenever i can lar. ^^

  4. you’re in my hometown (miri)!the kan mien there is slightly different from the kan pua (sibu) but still kinda similar nevertheless. wish you can tapau back for me! anyway have loads of fun, sure you already am!

  5. frank: aiyah alex advised me not to get a\tuak here cause its pretty dirty wo.. wolfx: har what??coconino: wahlao, ur friend admn hardcore wei.gunung tahan is tough man, i heard it takes 7 days to hike up to the peak!! gheyvin: mahai use slippers better la YMMIE: hehe slippers good wei.. but hiking shoes would be better la johlin: sob sob..dont have transparent fishes wo.. butthen will show u pictures of funny looking antsyen: yeah yeah!! i wanted to try the curry rice @ tjhe market there..butthen it was closed!!

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