Recently, there was a major blackout in Kuala Lumpur. The entire Klang Valley was almost at a standstill. Offices had to close down and motorists were stuck on the road for hours.
I on the other hand was fortunate to skip that ordeal as my office was powered with a generator. I didnt even know that we had a blackout until my friends called me!
However, last week, my house had a blackout.
It was after dinner with Mum and Dad. The entire neighbourhood was lighted except ours. After an hour of investigation, we found out that the connecting device (some sort of fuse) has been removed!
We called the local council (TNB) to fix it. Minutes later, they arrived.
TNB guys: ko orang tak bayar bil ke? (you guys didnt pay the bills?)
Me: sapa kata takde bayar? nah ini recipnya, baru saja bayar. (I paid! here’s the receipt)
TNB guys: errr.. mungkin lambat bayar la.. (errr.. probably you guys paid late)
Me: kalau lambat bayar, ni kan baru satu bulan? takkan ko orang potong sekarangkan? tak yah bagi notis ke? (Eventhough we paid late, that doesnt warrant for a disconnection right? no need to give notice ah?)
TNB guys: errrr… tempat lain, lain la. adakala 1 bulan tak bayar kita potong, adakalan one tahun tak bayar pun belum potong!! (errrr…different place, different custom. sometimes we cut for 1 month overdue but for some places, they’re 1 year overdue!)
Me: ……
After all those hu-has, the TNB guys finally restored electricty back to my house with our spare connecting device.

Dad called TNB the next day, it seems that he didnt pay late. We had no idea who did it…until….one day, while having drinks with friends @ a mamak..I overhead a conversation…
Guy: mahai, u know ah that day, my house no electricty u know..
Guy2: wah what happened?
Guy: I went to check the problem and…suddenly… i saw a boy squatting down. wah so scared.. IT’S LIKE THE MOVIE JU-ON!! But then…I saw a screwdriver in his hands.. He removed my connecting device!!! I caught him and threatened to report him to the police. However, he begged me, saying that its his first time..this and that la..blablabla..
Guy2: wah what did you do after that?
Guy: I took the screwdriver and shove it up his ass. hoho
Guy2: O_O
Guy: nah, just joking, he screwed the connecting device back. Apparently he removed them so that he could put it into his bicycle. …

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  1. liEw: yup how unique..hehe
    fishfish: yeah la kids now adays hehe
    acid: mmm..ill try to tke a picture next time
    penispup: i’ll take a picture of it next time. mmm the part about kids being stupid and dumb, i think i made it too general. not all kids are stupid are dumb nowadasys la, some only hehe

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