Bones Missing

My buddy, Geraldine Wee needs your help!!! Her beloved dog, Bones is missing. Here is what she has to say:
If you could please take some time to read this, and then forward it on to your friends, I would be extremely grateful.
I will try and keep this as non-dramatic as possible, though it may be difficult.
Bones has been with my family ever since 9 years ago. I guess it may be difficult for non-dog lovers to understand but we really do consider her to be part of the family.
After my A Levels in Malaysia, I came to UK to study, and have since stayed on to work. I am the youngest child in my family, and hence the ‘baby’ in my parents eyes. It has been difficult for them to let me go, and having Bones around helped them to cope with my not being there. She is the most lovable and friendly dog; very trusting in nature.
I ring home every week or so, and when I rang today, my Dad picked up – he sounded like he had a sore throat and of course you know how you ask ‘Hello, how are you?’ and he then answered ‘Not too goodlah’ and I thought he as ill of health or something along those lines, and then he said that Bones was missing.
She’s been missing since 10 days ago, but they only just told me, because they didn’t want to worry me. That breaks my heart – I am upset that Bones has gone missing, but what’s even more upsetting is hearing how sad my Dad sounds. He was very attached to her – after all in my absence he took care of her. He is an old man okay – turning 60 in May, yet still feeding her, bending down to bathe her every week, and he sounded so upset. The thought of him crying is just too upsetting. I feel so useless not being at home – can’t help them leaflet, can’t just be there to comfort each other.
Mom and Dad have made flyers, put ads in the major newspapers, made visits to MPPJ and PAWS (something Animal Welfare Society) but without any success thus far. So after all this, I guess the only thing I can contribute from so bloody far away is to ask you to pls pls pls read this, look out for her, and pass this on to your friends as well and ask her to do the same.
I know not everyone might get it – she’s just a dog after all, but like I said, I’m upset, but I’m more upset to hear how upset my parents are. I don’t care if someone has adopted her and is looking after her – I want her back. I want us to be the ones looking after her. So even if there’s some cute kid involved whose parents think Bones will be good company, I don’t care. It’s not right and it’s the selfish thing to do. Bones belongs to someone – to us, and she is loved and missed and I just want my parents to be happy again. So pls pls return her.
My dad’s (Tony Wee) mobile phone number is 0122012698 and our house number is 78040802. Attached is a picture of Bones. Please read and pass round and hopefully it’ll reach somebody who knows something. Mom and Dad say that they have had loads of calls, so it’s great that ppl are responding, and hopefully we’ll get Bones back.
Geraldine Wee (best way to get in touch though pls ring my parents first)”
Those who stay around ss24, ss23, ss2 and ss3 PJ plz keep your eyes open for Bones
Enclosed here is also a flyer with Bones picture attached…If possible plz forward it to your friends around PJ and DJ.

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  1. Couple of year back, my friends and i saw this flyer of a missing dog. The dog’s name was Bobby. Suddenly, out of no where, my friend picked up a public phone and called the missing dog’s owner’s number. Then, in a squeeky voice, my friend said,
    “hello hello..this is bobby zhai… help me help me!! woof woof woof wooofff”
    we were literally rolling on the floor laughing out loud.

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