Oriental Tit Tar @ OUG

Age certainly has caught up with me. Gone were the days where sports injuries disappear within a day or two. Now it takes months.

After suffering from a sore heel for couple of months, I decided to get it fixed. The soreness usually gets worst after a game of futsal.

This time round, instead of going through physiotherapy, I wen’t to check out tit tar, a traditional Chinese therapy to solve bone, joint and muscle misalignment, pain or soreness. Oriental Tit Tar was my first choice because it’s near my house.

Located behind a petrol station, the center looks like a clinic. And like any other clinics, I have to fill up a form and give them my personal details.

The sifu took me to the room and asked me to lied on a bed. I told him about my sore heel and the first thing he said was, “From football?”.

“Yes”, I answered.


I screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” silently.

Sifu massaged my heel for a few minutes before covering it with a smelly patch (apparently it’s some sort of Chinese herb).

He then gave some black pills that looked like enlarged charcoal pills that I have when I have diarrhea.

“Come back Thursday. RM70 please. Don’t take out the patch until tomorrow”.

The smell of the herb was quite overwhelming. I had to shower and sleep with it. On Thursday, I went back there again and the sifu removed the patch. The Sifu replaced it with a new patch and asked me to go back there on Saturday. I decided not to go back as the smell of the herbs was unbearable! But I stop drinking cold water and eating beans.

Unfortunately, few days later, my heel became painful and I went to see a doctor. Without examining my feet, he said that I might have a “bone spur”. A bone spur is a bony growth formed on normal bone and to see whether I have it, a xray will help.

On the doctor’s advice, I did it. Fortunately, I didn’t have a bone spur hence the doctor was of the view that it was a muscle problem. Instead of asking me to rest, he encouraged me to go on with my life and do whatever I want to. He said physiotherapy is needed as natural movement is sufficient.

After the 2 weeks as advised by the tit tar sifu, I was back in the futsal field within no time. Resting for 2 weeks and cutting down on iced drinks and beans seem to work.

The unfortunate part is that my belly became bigger due to my 2 weeks of break 🙁

Futsal Injuries

I usually don’t get injuries from futsal but I do get a lot of injuries from rock climbing. You can read some entries on my rock climbing injuries here.

Usually my futsal injuries are quite mild, save for one or two incidents which were bad.

Feel down and scraped my knee few months ago..

Few days later…it got infected..uh

A couldn’t find any bandages at her house so she got hold of whatever that sticks to cover the wound. DJ Anatta said it is made of “love” -_-

Few weeks ago, my friends and I played futsal at our usual futsal place at Samba de Futsal. We were short of 2 players hence we asked a bunch of kids who were playing before us. The kids were probably around early 20s. They were more than happy to join us.

I must say that it was an enjoyable game as the kids were quite good. Feels young again to play with kids!

During the game, I had to challenge one of the kids for the ball. While doing so, I accidentally tripped on the kid’s feet and fell on my knees. As I was falling, my face scrapped on net.

The net is like this

When I stood up, everyone was staring at me. One person said, “Your face is bleeding!”. I wiped my face with my jersey and only saw a dot of blood. My first thought was, “NIA MA WHERE GOT??”

Few minutes later, I went to look at the mirror and I saw myself..


But it didn’t hurt at all. In fact, I was so tired that all I felt was exhaustion. After resting for a while, I went back to the pitch again!

When I got home, my Mum scolded me and said, “YOU THINK YOU’RE BECKHAM AH??!!!”. I’m already 30 years old and I still get scolded for this kind of thing -___-

So, on the same day, I went to see my neighbourhood doctor. He thought I got beaten up -_-

Notwithstanding the injury, my biggest worry wasn’t that my face was mutated.

Malaysian Top 10 Hottest Blogger No More.

I was actually more worried with my presentation to some bankers three days later. GG

My face 3 days later..

Fortunately, the presentation went well and the condition of my face was an ice breaker for many of my conversations. A blessing in disguise!

My Dad said that my bruises may stay for two months. Fortunately, it subsided in 5 days. I was back on the pitch a week there after!

Sports Planet @ Sg Buloh

Ever since my good friend Melvin Kang graduated from university as an engineer, he never had a real job. For the past year, he was seen bumming around from morning till the next morning. Occasionally I would tell him, “GET A JOB!!”.

However, he lived beyond our expectation. He now creates jobs! Yet another young entrepreneur in the market! Single and available too!
He and his partners acquired the rights from Sports Planet to operate an indoor futsal court at Sg Buloh. It’s more than futsal, one can play badminton there too!

(Click for larger image)

Last week, I received a SMS from him stating “Hi friends, Sport Planet Sg Buloh (10 mins drive from 1utama) is opening Monday (10/12). FREE play all week. 4 Extreme turf Futsal pitches & 6 badminton courts. Futsal will be reading for testing tmr (sat 8/12). Exclusively for friends only! Pls call me (Melvin) or 03-6157 2136 for booking.”

A day later, Ping received a SMS with the identical content the words “Exclusively for friends only!” removed from a friend who doesn’t know Melvin! It seems that his SMS got modified.

Upon receiving the SMS, Ping made booking for futsal on Monday and badminton on Tuesday!

Other than KF, waterleg, Hyong, Ping and myself, fellow blogger Zhong and friends were invited to play as well.

Sport Planet Sg Buloh is only 10 minutes away from 1 Utama.

Nevertheless, one must be vigilant and take note of all the landmarks provided in the map otherwise one would end up lost (like me). The place is located in an industrial area, hence don’t be surprised if you find the road quiet at night. By the way, the turf is not visible from the main road. Look out for the signboard.

After playing 2 hours there, I find that the turf was at excellent condition and the place was sufficiently ventilated and lighted.

There’s ample of parking space too.

There are 4 futsal turfs (grass) and 6 badminton courts. The turf and badminton courts are available until 2am daily. Free play until 15 December 2007! Call 03-6157 2136 for booking!

Amigo FC Jersey

Amigo FC, a team of consisting mainly of my high school friends, recently adopted a new jersey. The new jersey is based on Marseilles’s football jersey. I got myself a piece 😀

The nick on my jersey is not cheap, RM3 per alphabet! Imagine if you want to put your full name e.g. Abu Ahmad Bin Abu Hassan. Could probably cost more than the jersey.

Initially we wanted something else. We were given 2 choices and these 2 choices were posted on jinhan’s website and with waikeong as our model.

Unfortunately, our supplier ran out of stock hence we had to settle for Marseilles’ football jersey.

Amigo FC’s games are usually fixed on Sunday mornings. If anyone is interested for a game of friendly football, please head to jinhan‘s website!

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My life – Football / Futsal

I can’t remember my first time kicking a football. But I do remember one time in primary school where my good friend was chasing after a ball. I can’t remember how it happened but I remember that my friend tripped and rolled on the ground and few days later, he came back with a concrete cast on his hand. LOL.

Basketball was a craze during my first few years in high school. I got hooked for couple of years but eventually my interest drifted towards football.

Football jerseys were unheard off. The only method we had in order to identify the other side was by going topless or wearing a tshirt – first team that concedes a goal, the other team must take off their shirts. I never liked that. It’s gross. Imagine 11 sweaty topless boys grinding with other boys. Euw!

I eventually found out that there’s a term for it after seeing one online advertisement by Nike (through Nuffnang‘s advert). It’s called Togel. What the Togel?? Sounds like Bogel to me! But to think of it, bogel means naked. And togel means? Half Naked?

Visit Nike Togel Website at http://www.nikefootball.com.my/jangantogel/

Futsal was unheard of in Malaysia in the late 1990s. But my friends and I played something like that. It was fun. During high school, we had games in the late evening (until it turns dark) in parks. My friends would never forget this incident when one of them accidentally dented a car door after being hit by a ball (I think it was a Nike ball). The owner was so furious that he took out his machete and started chasing them. LOL.

My high school friends continued hanging out together after leaving high school and some of us eventually went to the same college or a college nearby. We would meet up occasionally to play football.
At one point during college, we played futsal in a shopping centre car park in the middle of the night. We started off from the ground floor car park and slowly moved to the 3rd floor (highest floor). It was quite interesting. We had to dodge pillars.

However, our enthusiasm died after we were sick of picking balls that went off the car park and having greased feet (thanks to the cars). But I think the last straw was when a security guard brought his friends along (with weapons!) to confront us – thinking that there was a commotion in the car park.

Years later, I had my first taste of amateur football when my friends organised a game with a bunch of Korean. We bought jerseys just for the game and I bought my first football boot, a Nike boot.

On that faithful day, we arrived late. But we somehow hoped that the Koreans would understand the Malaysian culture of being late.

We thought that the Koreans, just like Japanese, would turn up wayyyy earlier. But it seems that the Koreans were nothing like Japanese. The Koreans didn’t turn up for the match at all!!!

We ended playing with a bunch of locals and got thrashed. Boo.
Even though it been more than 9 years since we left high school, my high school friends would still bond over football/futsal (and not forgetting alcohol).

Thank you England for popularizing football. Hope you win the next world cup (HA! you wish!)