ENCORP Strand Mystical Eve 2012


When I was younger, I always look forward to the New Years Eve parties. Back then, it was all about the music, fireworks and the people.

But these parties slowed down tremendously. Last year, I was in Port Dickson and was nicely tucked in bed at 1230AM.

*cricket sound*

But this year, it’s going to be the music, fireworks and the people again! And it’s all happening at MYSTICAL EVE 2012!

For the very first time in Malaysia, the ENCORP Strand building will move, transform, and come to life in 3D to the beat of pulsating music, light effects and fireworks. Beams of laser light are hand-manipulated before your very eyes, bent, stretched and spun around like a light sabre by the electrifying Laser Man.

With aerialists twirling through space to a dreamy rhythm and a contortionist pushing the limits of human flexibility, the crowds will pour in – mystified! Expect a stellar line-up of local celebrities too, including Joe Flizzow, Mizz Nina, Najwa, Pop Shuvit, Reza Salleh, Shawn Lee Beatbox + Dennis Lau. Not to mention famous DJ acts Aurology, Davern & Jee Hoe, and DJ Xu, pumping up the Red Carpet Avenue with unstoppable energy.

Don’t worry about having to clamor for tickets, cos admission is FREE!

See you there!

Facebook page: http://facebook.com/encorpstrand

Goodbye Granpa

Grandpa passed away on 4.12.2011 at the age of 103. Towards the end of his life, he wasn’t best of health. I visited him in the hospital before his passing.

At such an old age, Grandpa’s mind is no longer there thus making conversation impossible with him. It is unfortunate that I never had a proper conversation with him. Everything I knew about him was through my parents or relatives.

This grand old man came from China at a very young age before the Second World War. He worked at a security guard in the beginning of his life in Malaya. But soon he realised that being the first in the workplace and last to leave wasn’t worth it. He then embraced entrepreneurship and started a noodles stall by the name Foong Kwong Kee (馮廣記) – which exists till to date. His first stall was in the old Bidor market. The market has now been demolished and so was the original store.

He would sell fish ball noodles in the morning and subsequently beef noodles (soup based) in the afternoon. The latter was a success as he was the only one in Bidor town selling beef noodles. He learn how to make beef noodles by observing traders in Ipoh and trying it at home. Dad used to run to the market to get beef for him.

Eventually he found that noodles making is time consuming. He then invented a machine to make the noodles. It was after the war and there were many abandoned vehicles around. He found an used lorry engine to work his machine. It was a huge breakthrough back then.

I was told that when the Japanese came during the war, his life didn’t change much. In fact, he continued selling noodles. Food shortage during the war wasn’t a problem for him because of his profession. I guess he didn’t even realise that the war ended. During the last few days of the war, he suddenly had a surge of customers. He later realise that he had a surge of customers because people were trying to dispose the “banana money” (Japanese currencies) – which became worthless after the war.

Grandpa had two wives and eight children – a norm during those days. Dad was the oldest of all the siblings.

From selling noodles at the stall, his business pivoted into wholesale noodles business. It became a thriving business for many years. It expanded into other small towns. They engaged bus drivers to deliver the noodles and collect payment for them. However, it became a problem when customers said they paid the driver and the driver denied receiving the payment.

Unfortunately (or rather fortunately otherwise I won’t be here), Dad and his siblings were not interested in taking over the business and subsequently the wholesale noodles business closed but the stall remained. My fourth uncle runs the shop now and one of my aunt still sells the fish balls noodles. Her fish ball noodles is known to be one of the best in Bidor. Unfortunately, no one took over the beef noodles business.

Interestingly, fourth uncle’s son started a retail outlet selling biscuits and snacks in Ipoh using the same trade name “馮廣記”.

We buried Grandpa, in his western suit which he requested, on a hill in Bidor. Being 103 years old, there is nothing to be sad about but rather a celebration of his life.

May he rest in peace.

Aktif Setiap Hari!


I was one of the weakest kids in my primary school class. So weak that one of the nerdiest and weakest kids says that I’m weaker than him -___-

Being chubby and 126cm and 26kgs certainly didn’t help. Not to mention I was not academically smart. I bet my parents were worried sick to have such a poor performing child.

However, I was fortunate to have a group of friends who were very active in sports. Peer pressure helped me to be involved in sports and subsequently develop my physical ability.

My high school and post high school days were filled fun activity.

Football and basketball were my favourite sports during high school.

We played football in the evening at a park and in middle of the night at car parks (illegally). We also sneaked into condominium swimming pools and swam in our undies. Awesome memories!

We even got our own jerseys with names printed on it.

Then during university days, I spent most of my time playing basketball and going for Muay Thai classes.

My housemates at a basketball court in Sheffield. We used to walk a few kilometers to this court.

Now I’ve reach the big 3-0. My body is no longer as durable as before. An injury can take me months to heal. Back in the days, I could just sleep it off.

Notwithstanding the big 3-0, my weekends are still reserved for my sporting activities. Saturday is jogging day. Sunday is rock climbing day. Monday is futsal day!

All these sporting activities helped my health tremendously. I hardly fall sick. I’m no longer 126cm! If it’s not for sports, I may be as tall as fourfeetnine.

And another thing, sports brought me many friends. Many of friends actually originate from my sporting activities.

I wish I had taken many photos of all the sporting activities and friends back then. Looking at the old pictures while drafting this post brought back a lot of memories. There were friends long forgotten especially friends from the Muay Thai club.

Sheffield University’s Muay Thai Club’s first social event. I only remember the President’s name. That’s all. Aiseh

Learning from this experience, I suggest everyone to take pictures of their sporting activities and friends whenever they can. Those precious memories should be cherished!

You can tune in to 1 Sihat Malaysia to get health tips on eating habits and healthy living, hosted by Fahrin Ahmad and features stories from the local celebrities.

Visit www.gayahidupsihat.my for more information

Hotlink’s People Powered Concert


Yuna, a Malaysian singer songwriter, is one of the many talents discovered over the social media. She was discovered through Myspace and subsequently signed up by a US record label.

If you’ve listen to her song but never seen her face before, you’ll be surprise.

You probably think that the artist is America. But in fact, Yuna is a tudong clad Malay girl.

My favourite song of Yuna is Come As You Are.

It gives me goose bumps! Kurt Cobain would be proud!

Other than English songs, Yuna is also well known for her Malay songs. Her song “Penakut” recently won the best song in the Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 2011 but was revoked because of a mistake in the vote count. Doh.

Yuna is now back in the limelight with another news. Although Yuna now lives in the United States, she will be collaborating with Hotlink to bring Malaysia a concert. Her first online concert!

How does an online concert work? Well, it’s fairly simple. You first need to be a Maxis subscriber and then pre-book a spot at the Hotlink’s People Powered Concert. The registration can be done at the website www.nowyoucan.my/yuna where only 10,000 spots are available. The concert, to be held on 14 December will be streamed live on the website at exactly 8pm. Pre-booked viewers will have to logon between 7pm and 7.59pm to experience the exclusive viewing.

She will only sing when the 10,000 people signs up for the event! People please sign up!

What you should get for your girlfriend for Christmas!


Dear Men in the World,

Christmas is coming. It is time to crack your head what to buy for your other half. If your other half expects nothing fancy, congratulations to you. But if your other half expects something fancy, well, take my advice, buy her a smart phone. Here’s why:-

1. Save money on SMS. With Whatapps, emails and other instant communication programs, you no longer need to text her.

2. Track her whereabouts. Install Foursquare on her phone and teach her how to use it. Once she’s addicted, you don’t need to worry when she is not picking up the phone. Oh, teach her how to avoid stalkers too.

3. Keep her busy. With internet connection and games, you can keep her busy while you’re having a beer with your buddies or watching the game. This would lessen requests such as “I WANT TO GO HOME NAO!!”, ‘I’m bored” or “Your friends stink”. Smurfs’ Village seems to be ladies’ favourite.

4. Keep her safe. Install the MyDistress App for her. This App allows user to connect directly to Polis Diraja Malaysia Selangor Contingent. If she has no opportunity to call the police, just get her to click on that button. And it works!

5. Good quality pictures. Most Smartphones come with good quality camera. Here you can get your other half to send you naughty nice decent pictures.

And some pictures of her hot friends too….who you would like to introduce to your buddies.

Yeah sure… introduce to your buddies

6. Get brownie points. She will love you big time. Nuff’ said.

If you’re wondering which Smartphone to get, get the Samsung Galaxy SII.

You have probably read my earlier review of Samsung Galaxy SII. Many of the extra features of this phone are highlighted at the I Love Samsung Website.

Like many other smartphone, this gadget can connect to a CCTV system. You can keep your family safe to see the vicinity of your home through your CCTV system.

Mr Douglas explains how the CCTV works…

It’s also useful for makeup apparently..

The supa emulat display is blight an slarp.. its vivid..i can use it as a millor…

With 8.49mm thin and feather-light weight of 116g, this device is perfect for your lady’s handbag. If your lady’s handbag gets snatched, just activate the auto destruct command to blast the thief into pieces.

And it is only RM1,899 (cheaper than buying her a LV Bag and Tiffany & Co accessories)!

Check out I Love Samsung Website for more features!

Yours Sincerely,

Another Smartphone Review


To those waiting to get your hands on the new iPhone 4S to play with Siri, don’t need to wait so long. Speech recognition technology has been around for quite some time but brilliant marketing by Apple makes it looks like it’s Steve Job’s gift to the world before his death. The speech recognition feature in this phone is better than Siri. It recognizes Asian accents!


This phone is also more durable than iPhone 4S. Hen’s iPhone had a great fall.


With sheer brilliance, he salvaged the phone by putting a piece of screen protector to that the broken glass doesn’t stick to his face when he uses up the phone. SALUTE!

Another reason why I considered this phone is because their battery is removable. iPhone doesn’t allow users to remove their battery . Smartphones’ batteries nowadays doesn’t last long and they usually drain by the end of the day. Carrying an extra battery helps a lot.

Wondering which phone I’m talking about?

Well, the phone is no other than the Samsung Galaxy SII.

The Siri-like App that I was talking about

iPhone 4S v Samsung Galaxy S II

I’ve been wanting to get the Samsung Galaxy SII. Now with Samsung Galaxy Note in the market..Aiyoh..Need to do more research.

While browsing through the videos submitted at I Love Samsung Galaxy SII Website, I saw a lawyer’s video posted there. I know him cause I’ve done matters with him before. Very nice and jolly chap!

No, lawyers don’t lie!

Anyway, the part doing research in Court is pretty true. If you have an eLibrary with Dropbox enabled, that would even be more awesome.

I’ll be speaking on the Use of Technology by Lawyers at the Bar Council on 6 December 2011. Do attend if you would like to know something about legal practice eDocumentation, eLibrary, Dropbox and so on. Click here for the flyer.

Going back to the I Love Samsung Galaxy SII Website, it’s a user generated content website consisting of videos of users of the Samsung Galaxy SII. Do check them out!

Purina One – Picture of Health Contest – Part III

Remember the Purina One contest I posted earlier? The results are out! Check out the press release below.

Kuala Lumpur, 8 November 2011 – Purina PetCare Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Purina” or the “Company”) awarded prized pooch – Bie Bie – a Border Collie with the first prize in the Picture of Health Contest finale last week. Teh Kean Hock, owner of the obedient black and white furry took home RM10,000 cash and one year supply of PURINA ONE® products.

“Before I changed Bie Bie’s diet to PURINA ONE®, we were in between a few dog food brands. But now [after observing the significant improvements], we will stick to PURINA ONE®,” commented Teh after Bie Bie was announced the first prize winner. The proud owner intends to spend the prize money on Bie Bie’s future training needs.

The other two contenders were Bailey, a Beagle and Dong Dong, a Jack Russell. Bailey won the second prize while Dong Dong came in third. Second and third prize winners won RM5,000 and RM2,000 cash respectively and six months supply of PURINA ONE® products. The three finalists were judged based on five visible criteria: body condition, clear eyes, healthy skin and coat, teeth and gum health, and overall relationship between the owner and the canine.

A few familiar faces from the entertainment industry were spotted at the afternoon tea with their furry friends. Angel Wong Chui Ling, the newly appointed brand ambassador for PURINA ONE® was at the event with Fatty – a mix breed of an Irish Setter and a Bull Terrier. Amber Chia, a celebrity model, attended the afternoon tea with her Golden Retriever, Poodle and Bichon Frise. David Yee, the new host of Life Inspired TV (Li TV) channel, with Tyson, a Golden Retriever in tow. Joey G, a celebrity DJ, had his hands full with Leon, a Cocker Spaniel while Alison J Victor, former radio DJ at Red FM, looked lovely with her adorable Toy Poodle, Pom Pom.

Tim Wilson, Country Business Manager in Purina addressed the crowd with Westie, a West Highland White Terrier. “Having dogs in our family is great in so many ways. People who share their lives with pets, particularly dogs, are less stressed. There is always somebody who will listen and rarely disagrees. They [our pets] provide a common focus in the family and many people tell me they believe this strengthens their family bonds.”

Angel Wong, a Hong Kong born but Malaysia based female artiste, regards Fatty as her granddaughter, an offspring from her two dogs – Lulu (a Bull Terrier) and Wallace (an Irish Setter). In her message to all dog owners, Angel remarked that, “We can have a lot of things in life. Our doggies have only us. So do give them the best.”

The Picture of Health Contest aimed to encourage dog owners to feed their dog with PURINA ONE® and observe improvements in its six signs of health: body condition (its ideal size); digestion system; skin, coat and eyes; immune system; dental health; bone and joint health. Since then, many dog owners took up the challenge and sent in their dogs’ pictures for the contest.

In the 10-week competition period, Purina received over 200 pictures of good looking and healthy pet pooches who changed their diet to PURINA ONE®. In addition to the Top 3 winners, twenty consolation prize winners have also received RM500 cash and PURINA ONE® products worth RM160 each.

First launched in Malaysia in 2007, PURINA ONE® is scientifically developed by pet nutritionists and vets. Available in four new formulas – Healthy Puppy Formula, Chicken & Rice, Lamb & Rice and Healthy Weight Management Formula, PURINA ONE® provides specific nutrition needs to dogs in different life stages. The crunchy kibbles contain unique blend of real meat, wholesome grains and antioxidants.

Strongbow Baby Tonga!


While going through my old blog pots, I found my old Sailing Adventure entries. It was back in 2008 and me and a few media people were invited to sail on a boat around Pulau Langkawi.

Before sailing, we were put in a very nice hotel with awesome food.

We sailed around Pulau Langkawi on a small boat. We had a small band playing and even a masseur!

Lunch was massive.

Halfway through the journey, we stopped by some islands and launched some kayaks to the islands. We passed through some tunnel before ending in a cove.

Then we experience the “sea Jacuzzi”. Salty Jacuzzi is more like it.

Overall a good experience! Would love to go sailing on the seas again!

Speaking about sailing, the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta (RMSIR), a challenging offshore sailing race organised every year by the Royal Selangor Yacht Club, has just started. It consists of three overnight passage races, some 240 miles in total, plus three days of harbour racing in Penang and Langkawi.

One of the yachts, Baby Tonga — a Beneteau 53f5 owned by Antony Hastings — is returning this year to the RMSIR.

Strongbow has been the official beverage enjoyed by Baby Tonga’s crews in RMSIR. It is drunk prior to races and Strongbow is the perfect beverage for sailors on the go, and its refreshing crispness takes away the attention from the intensity of the heat.

My Sailing Adventure trip was actually a media trip. It was fully paid for and it was a chance of a lifetime to be on such trip. I wouldn’t be able to afford such trip on my own!

Anyway, Strongbow is now running a contest on its Facebook page in association with the sponsorship. You may win a cruise on Baby Tonga with your friends by taking part in this mini game!

The game

Move the boat round with your keyboard. My boat got stuck. FUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Once you are done, you need to answer some trivia questions.

The results. I FAILED!

I must say this game is not easy!! It’s hard to control the boat!

To check out the game, go to http://www.facebook.com/strongbow.my?sk=app_180828955338936

Ipoh Road Trip 2011: Yik Mun @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

During the Raya break, my hengtais, me and our respective partners made a trip down to Ipoh for a one night trip. It’s been a while since our last trip which was Tioman Island. This time round, the adventure was no where near our Tioman Island adventure. If you may recall, my hengtais and I took a 8 hours boat ride to Tioman Island using a fisherman’s boat.

This trip, like any other trips, was all about eating. Our first stop was Yik Mun, a restaurant famous for its halal paos (steamed buns). It was established in 1926. I recall when I was a kid, my Dad brought me here for breakfast whenever we head back to his hometown in Bidor.

So anyway, my friends and I ordered their kaya, chicken and beef and Chicken chop. I only tried their kaya pao and I find it mediocre. There wasn’t much kaya fillings. The pao near my house is much better :p

However, their chicken chop is good. It comes with thick gravy, fresh tomatoes and mash potatoes. This is probably the highlight for me.

The only complaint that I have about this place is their bill. We were charged for paos that did not arrive and also additional paos. Fortunately, KF spotted this error and the cashier made adjustment to our bill. Those who eat here should remember how many paos they have eaten. I wonder if it’s a method for them to make extra money – since 1926. XD


View Larger Map

3, Jalan Besar, Tanjung Malim
Perak, 35900, Malaysia
Tel: 05-4596380

Samsung Galaxy Note – Part II


Samsung Galaxy Note was launched in Malaysia on 11 November 2011.

If you’re still thinking on whether to get one, check out the videos of their features below.

S PEN EXPERIENCE- http://bit.ly/Note-SPen

Portability – http://bit.ly/tolFIs

S-Planner – http://bit.ly/spm3uR

S – Memo – http://bit.ly/rsP915

Polaris office – http://bit.ly/udX8g4

Social Hub and reader – http://bit.ly/sTHYpz

Now, what are you waiting for?