Back from Kyoto!

Kyoto was fabulous. Firstly, Jane and I must thank fishfish for her excellent hospitality and letting her stay at her place. Furthermore, every morning, she would prepare breakfast for us and even wash the dishes for us! A great maid, er I mean a great hostess!

Further, we thank her for sparing her time to bring us around Uji, Kyoto and Osaka. And also introducing great food to us! *drools over green tea soba & takoyaki*
We took many, many pictures during our 4 days trip (about 300 over pictures!). However, fishfish has forbid me to post her picture on my website. To those who has never read fishfish’s blog, for you information, fishfish does not post pictures of herself on the website.

BUT!!!! presents you an exclusive picture of fishfish! Click below!


Sorry, I have strict instructions not to post her picture.

Thank you again fishfish!

Akihabara, Tokyo

Akihabara, the electric city of Tokyo, is a place that guys must visit when visiting Tokyo. They sell all sorts of electronic goods, toys and porn. We went to a shop with 6 floors filled with Gundam products, BB guns, Tamiya products and so on.

The pink Gundam is a gay Gundam.

BB Guns..damn I wish I could bring it back to Malaysia

There’s shop called Treasure House which sells toys such as Ultraman, sexy toy models and small Gundams. Inside the shop, they have small transparent cubes filled with toys, toy models and even miniature pictures of bikini clad models. We have to fill up a form to get the toys that we wanted. It’s a good place to get souvenirs as they have toys that cost less than 200 yen.



Few shops away from Treasure House lay a pornographic store. It’s sick. They have a section for those with fetish for little girls as young as 12 years old!

sick..very sick.


Last week, I visited Yokohama, a bustling port city in Japan.

It’s only 20 minutes from my place

Yokohama’s main attractions lie far away from the Yokohama train station hence I had to take the Minatomirai subway to Chugakagai Iriguchi station. First stop, China Town!

Yokohama’s Chinatown is huge. The entire place is filled with restaurants and groceries stores. I notice that many restaurants were selling roasted water chestnuts and dumplings outside their premise. Damn, I hate roasted chestnuts.

Unlike other Chinatowns that I’ve been to, the shops in Yokohama Chinatown were renovated or built with Chinese designs. There were also more than 5 arches! Further, this Chinatown spans more than 2 streets and has numbers of alleys filled with shops. You’ll never leave the place hungry.

Hong Kong Road

Taiwan Road???

Few blocks away from Chinatown is the Yamashita Park. It’s a small park next to the sea. Great place to relax after a long walk around China town.

Next stop, Foreigner’s Cemetery at Yamate. It’s located on top of a hill hence I had to hike up to the Cemetery. But while hiking up, I could peep into the walls of the cemetery to see the old tombstones of foreigners who lived in Japan. Some of them date back in 1900s.

Unfortunately, the cemetery is not accessible to the public. But there’s a small place for us to take pictures of the tombstones together with the skyscrapers of Yokohama.


The word ‘Yamate’ has been widely associated to Japanese pornographic movies especially gokan (rape) videos. Many believe that the word ‘Yamate’ means stop in Japanese.

Few years back, a friend brought a Japanese girl from a student exchange program.

Me: What does Yamate means?
Jap girl: Yamate? You mean train station???

Then years later, I realize that the word ‘Yamate’ is incorrect. The correct word for stop is ‘Yamete’.

Cats are a common sight in the Foreigners Cemetery. I wonder what are they doing there. I hope they’re not feasting on dead bodies.

Mmmm..fat juicy cats…

Habour View Park is another ‘must see’ place after visiting Foreigner’s Cemetery. There, one can have a bird’s eye view of Yokohama Port and its surroundings. Many artistes pot their butts there to draw pictures.

Next stop, Minato Mirai 21, a large urban development built on reclaimed land in Yokohama. Along the stretch of waterfront properties lie a number of sky scrapers and also Landmark Tower, Japan’s tallest building. There’s a lift that takes you to the observatory, but for a fee of 1000yen. No thanks.

The best time to take pictures of Minato Mirai is at night as all the skyscrapers will be lighted together with the Cosmo Clock Ferris Wheel, the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The Ferris Wheel changes its lights as well 😀

Landmark Tower on the left

World Tallest Ferris Wheel One of the tallest in the world

Yoyogi Park

Sunday is the best time to visit Yoyogi Park as it will be filled with all sorts of strange people.

We were greeted with the sight of street buskers and performers. There was a group of guys who were performing some sort of comedy. Then the rest were some inspiring singers. They were selling their own CDs and even had their own fan base. Female singers especially, have many fans. We saw this bunch of middle aged men singing along with a group of female singers.

Comedian with 6 packs. Where to find man?

Amoi yang cantik hey! Saya mau kong.. (translation: Pretty singer)

Lost Gaijin in Tokyo

This group of girls has many fans

But some poor singers had no one. They were performing to thin air.

As we went further, we saw tents and stalls filled with hippies, bohemians and Native American Indians wannabes. They were selling many things and even erected a toupee.

One of the funniest people I saw were a bunch of school kids performing choreography dance steps, swinging their heads and bodies left and right. I mean like, dude!! You’re at the wrong place! The last thing I want to see here in Yoyogi Park is Melbourne Shufflers.

We spend some time resting in the park, playing with a self made bow that I found on the grass. We also took a picture of a girl showing off her huge thong.

Thong thong thongg

We saw many foreigners in that park. Some of them were surrounded by Japanese girls. Bastards.

Next stop, Harajuku Bridge. I was told that Sunday is a great time to visit this place as it will be filled with young cosplay and Gothic Lolita girls. They dress themselves like anime characters or in gothic clothes. And boy, they do love being photographed.

The bugger on the right is damn irritating

Few blocks away is Takeshita Street aka ‘Young people’s street”. It’s a long narrow street filled with shops that caters young people. There you can get gothic clothes or cosplay clothes and also a huge 4 storey Hyaku Yen Shop. (100Yen shop).

Takeshita Street @ Night

Yasukuni War Shrine

I’ve heard so much about this controversial shrine. It’s the shrine where Japanese war dead are honoured.

Ever since Primie Minister Kouzumi was elected, he made numerous trips to this shrine to pay respect to those who died in wars which include 14 Class A criminals from War World II. Due to this, South Korea and China have been protesting every visits by Koizumi and his predecessors ever since.

Van blasting propaganda.

Then last week, according to BBC news, Mr. Kouzumi will be visiting the shrine at 8:00GMT, which based on my calculations, would be 5PM Japan time. (+9 hours)

It rained heavily though. My socks were soggy and my jacket was soaked but yet managed to visit the shrine. However, it was like any other typical Japanese shrine.

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Kamakura – ancient capital of Japan

Located about an hour away from Tokyo. It was the ancient capital of Japan during the Kamakura shogunate

Jane said loads of retirees choose Kamakura to spend their retirement there.

Our first destination was Daibutsu (Great Buddha). It’s a huge Buddle statue. It was housed in a temple but the temple was washed away by tsunami in 1498 leaving the Buddha statue intact. The Buddha is hollow, you can go inside the statue with a price of 20 yen. Nothing interesting though.

Jane & I @ Daibutsu

Daibutsu side view

We took some pictures, bought some souvenirs and left the place immediately.

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Tokyo Day 1

I find it amazing to spend the morning in Kuala Lumpur and then the rest of the night in Tokyo.

So here I am, in Oomori, 9 hours from my departure from Kuala Lumpur. As usual, it was a hassle, had to carry many things. I made a mistake by bringing my jackets along. The weather here isn’t cold at all.

One of the most difficult things to cope here is taking a train. Although Japan is famous for its extensive and convenient train services, I usually spent 10 minutes staring at the map, trying to look for the station that I want to go. Then another thing is the bloody phone booths. It’s all in Japanese. Even the bloody lady who tells you, “the line is not in service”, speaks in bloody Japanese.

wah..headache man…


My first destination was Shinjuku. This place has everything, high class department stores, home less people, erotica related shops, restaurants and so on.

p0rn anyone?

I walked aimlessly around Shinjuku armed with a lousy Lonely Planet guide. Shinjuku doesn’t have many interesting places to visit (I visited the interesting ones on my previous trip) but the unique neon signs are something worth to see.

There was some sort of film festival in Shinjuku. It was a small festival though. They had a row of Star wars troopers, Darth Vader and other Star Wars character lined up in front of a red carpet. Darth Vader was rather short though. Hek hek

Then they brought a monkey walk the red carpet. I had no idea what the f00t they were trying to do.

Reminds me of Michael Jackson’s pet monkey, Bubbles

Darth Vader clearly pissed as attention is diverted to the monkey

I went on another round of aimless wandering. This time round, I saw a man standing on top of a bus with speakers around it.

If I had this on video, you can see a guy waving his hands aimlessly.
In Japan, this is quite common during election time. That man standing on the bus is a politician. I guess he was trying giving a speech about his policies.

While walking under a bridge in Shinjuku, I saw boxes lined up along the pathway. It’s shaped like a coffin. It’s kinda amusing to see home less people popping their heads in and out from the boxes. Reminds me of the game which one has to hit moles with a cub when it pop out.


Shibuya is a youth oriented shopping district. I met up with Jane for dinner here.

Shibuya is the place one should go to check out Japanese fashion trend. Kogyaru (young girls who tan themselves and colours their hair blonde) are abundant here.

The best place to watch people is at the area of Hachiko Statue and Shibuya 109 as it’s an extremely popular meeting spot.

Hachiko Statue

The food here is great and quite affordable as well. A nice bowl of noodles usually cost me less than 1000 yen (RM33~). But if I want to be stingy, I can head to the nearest supermarket at night and wait for them to slash the prices of their takeaway food.

Buy a ticket to get your food.

This is xes signing off from Tokyo. Will update from Japan for the next 28 days!