Back from Kyoto!

Kyoto was fabulous. Firstly, Jane and I must thank fishfish for her excellent hospitality and letting her stay at her place. Furthermore, every morning, she would prepare breakfast for us and even wash the dishes for us! A great maid, er I mean a great hostess!

Further, we thank her for sparing her time to bring us around Uji, Kyoto and Osaka. And also introducing great food to us! *drools over green tea soba & takoyaki*
We took many, many pictures during our 4 days trip (about 300 over pictures!). However, fishfish has forbid me to post her picture on my website. To those who has never read fishfish’s blog, for you information, fishfish does not post pictures of herself on the website.

BUT!!!! presents you an exclusive picture of fishfish! Click below!


Sorry, I have strict instructions not to post her picture.

Thank you again fishfish!

14 thoughts on “Kyoto”

  1. peggy: yupyup, love her photos.
    frostie: if u smoke more xxxx, ur friends might turn into fishes
    PakPA: WAHAHAHHAHAHA im not sure whether its talapia or not keke
    chuoming: yeah la, cannot post her photo otherwise buaya like u will stalk her keke

  2. Darren: hahaha yeah!
    dy3d: ikan kerapu?? u know ur fishes well eh? hehe
    Ben: ummm dont think so ๐Ÿ˜€ will show u pictures later ๐Ÿ˜€
    wolfx: keke yes im still here. and dont jealous ekeke

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