Chinese ghost festival

Last week, Kuchai Lama had a prayer thingie for The Chinese Ghost Festival. Lynnzter and I were snapping pictures all the way.

Many years ago, when Chinese were once considered conservative, we have traditional opera shows for the dead to watch. However, times have change. Now we have girls dressed in skimpy clothes singing on stage! Initially I was expecting some old haggard woman singing. But the girls, wow, they were hot!!! They could sing fengtau songs very well too! However, one of the girls was crude.

While singing, she turned to a kid and said..
Ehh.. hello.. nia yao “yao tou” ah (Ehh Hello small want to shake head?”)

Then later..

Small boy, what are you looking at?
I’m not wearing any undies!
Heheheahe, so small already so hamsap!! (horny).

9 thoughts on “Chinese ghost festival”

  1. hahahah…those hungry ghosts wanna eat or wanna see these girls wearing sexy clothes? If they see also, they used to it or not? I bet they’ll get a hard on just watching that cos last time the cheong sam accidently unbutton one side also must get married liao..hahaha xes = small boy?

  2. tracy: hehe its very common ediirene: eh hello no la .fr0stie: yaya i know u like hehe gguni: eh dont defame me. i’ll sue ufrank: heheh soon we’ll have strippers performing~ wolfx: oh nono looks like wolfx and his hamsap moustache heheh karheng: small boy != xesglo: mana ada hehe

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