oh no not another ghost story :o(

the lashes is back 😀

leongs is saying i is needing to post this.

*tries to calm breathing*

rapid heartbeats, difficulty breathing [*gasp*], cold sweat, & goosebumps = not due to excitement of blogging. read on & you is knowing why…

the year i was going to turn 21 [finally!], i gained a gift that i certainly did NOT wish for. *counts* in accordance to the chinese calendar, that is. oh noe..my memory really IS >that< bad. i can't even remember! anyhoo, let's just say i was turning 21 chinese-year-counting-style. which means i wasn't really turning 21 but ACCORDING to the chinese bla bla whuddeva whuddeva whuddahell, i was gonna turn 21.

are you confused yet? *beams*

since i was a kid, i’ve had several experiences with the supernatural. at first, i thought it was just something that’s always been in-my-head, what with being extremely paranoid & all. turns out, i was really sensitive to the ‘worlds beyond’. it appeared as only ‘feel’ & ‘sound’ at the very beginning. the year i was going to turn 21 [yes, that confusing theory above], things changed…

my late aunt was lying in her death bed. i was completely oblivious to everything because i hardly knew her. she came back from the states to literally ‘die’ @ home. mind you, the last time she saw me was when i was much less than 10 years old. somehow, weird as it sounds, among all my cousins, she remembered me the most o.O

the night before she died, i had myself nicely tucked in bed, ready to visit lala-land. when suddenly, i hear a noise. a baby crying. it was really awfully loud & whuddahell??? none of my neighbours had BABIES. i know they’ve got lil kids but NO BABIES. the baby’s crying-turning-into-creepy-wailing came from…beside my right ear. on my pillow [?!?!!?]. i froze & prayed [i don’t pray, usually] for it to go away. then i fell asleep praying.

come daylight, i went downstairs to use the computer. see, i’ve got one in my room as well but the one downstairs has a printer & all. engrossed i was with eyes glued to the monitor. when suddenly, a really huge a** shadow started flying across my porch. back & forth, over & over. i didn’t come face-to-face with it, of course. but i saw from the corner of my eye. for about 15 whole minutes, it was just zooming around like its brakes weren’t working or something. again, i literally started sweating. i asked my gramma if she could see it but she looked @ me like i was going mad.

gramma: [in hainanese] you crazy ah girl?! it’s broad daylight!
lainey: *shiver* *sweat* *mumbles incoherently*

it caused a ruckus with my sanity. i got up & slowly walked towards my porch, stared outside, & internally DARED it to come out, to face me. it didn’t.

at my aunt’s funeral that night itself, i walked up to one of the nuns that were present. i decided to seek help from someone [or else i would’ve just admitted myself into tanjung rambutan or something]. i told her all about my ordeal. the nun furrowed her brows & looked at me real hard. she asked for my age, my relation with the deceased, cause of death of the deceased, my time of birth, my year of birth, & all other nitty-gritty details like that. then, she sat down & started counting.

the elaine is blur as hell. nunno what’s going on o.O

the nun then got up to explain. she said [in hakka]:-

“young girl, the baby you heard crying was not there to harm you. it is the unborn mourning death. the shadow you saw was not there to provoke you or your family. it is the vision of death. both were present to warn you of your aunt’s departure from life.”

my reaction was..WHAT??!!?!

by the way, my aunt died of cancer. she wasn’t married. she has never had kids.

what cancer, you ask?
cancer of the womb. she had her womb taken out in the earlier stages but they couldn’t save her anyway.
‘unborn mourning death’.

so i guess this is fate, isn’t it?



*runs to her bed & hides under the covers*

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  1. then again, it seems 2 me dat u r consulting fortune tellers instead of nuns. i nvr know nuns do these calculations too. from wat basis? soli, i’m not rc, so i may b wrong.

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