Churp Churp

Tweet Tweet, Churp Churp.. does these sounds familiar? If you don’t know, both of them are related to the well known social networking website, Twitter.

Churp Churp, a Twitter advertising network, has come to town. Now you can earn money by having a Twitter account. The payment structure is currently not clear as the website has only recently been launched. But you can check out the mechanism of this advertisement tool below.

Notwithstanding this brilliant method of doing business, some Twitterers are not happy with it. Some has gone into the extend of “unfollowing” anyone who automates their Tweets with advertisements. I, on the other hand, embrace this new media. When Nuffnang came on board with blog advertisements, it cause some resentment in the blogging community. Many complained that their favourite blogs have been commercialised. I think that the advent of Churp Churp on Twitter would suffer the same fate but eventually may become smooth sailing thereafter. All the best to Churp Churp.

Speaking about Twitter, Messrs Richard Wee Lopez has been appointed by the Bar Council to represent them in the inquest into the death of Teoh Beng Hock tomorrow. You may follow their Twitter for live updates.

2 thoughts on “Churp Churp”

  1. If implemented carefully it could work, though I don’t suppose the current method is going to be one that eventually stabilizes. I imagine getting the same tweet from 20 ppl I follow would be quite annoying.

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