Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009)

A tribute to one of the most outstanding Malaysian of all times. May all her advertisements serve as a guidance to all Malaysians out there.

Note: I presume all the above advertisement were done by Yasmin Ahmad and her team.

7 thoughts on “Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009)”

  1. her commercials are some of the saddest reflections of our society, a very blatant showcase on what could have been but isn’t.

  2. Way too soon. A quote from my friend saying that “heaven needs more good people like Yasmin Ahmad”. Rest in peace.

    Gone but never forgotten.

  3. Slinky: yup. There is also another interesting 1 which I didn’t post. It was about a poor man building a boat for a rich man using a rich man’s materials for free. When the boat was completed the rich man gave it to the poor man as a gift so that the poor man can use it and make a living. But the boat came out quite bad shape and sank. The story is basically how the government had been funding the people and the people didn’t make full use of it.

    Jasmine: welcome!

    Slinky: earth needs more good people :/

  4. blardy hell i watched halfway through the clips and my eyes started to water… dont want to continue already scared if i watch finish i’ll start crying uncontrollably… damn you… 🙂 and thank you..

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