Condolences to be said

A few weeks ago, a friend told me that his grandmother had passed away. A few weeks before that, another friend had told me that her cousin had passed away.
Usually when informed of such sad news, my standard greeting would be, “Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss. Are you ok?” and that’s about it.
When I told my brother about it, he said that he would say the same thing as well. Looks like we’re both clueless with condolences greetings. We both asked each other, “What more is there to say??”;D
What exactly do you say to someone who’s grieving? And seriously, what would you expect others to tell you? I know “Are you ok?” sounds so boring, but seriously, you’re concerned about your friend’s well-being and……. well, I know some people would give out hugs. And fruit baskets. Or wreaths at funerals.
“Proper” funeral etiquettes? Goodness. There’s guidance for everything!

5 thoughts on “Condolences to be said”

  1. Uwah…first to tell u that…when someone tells u that…say…….really? Pause a moment…
    and then u ask…
    Have you watched Rush Hour 3 yet?

  2. I think what you have said is fine. No need to go further in depth unless your friend is grieving very badly or wants to talk about it.
    Unless of course, you then ask: Really? Any bigshot coming to the funeral? Can I network there? 😛

  3. for me, if my frenz is a girl, my greeting will be “oh, sad to heard that, are you ok?If need help, do gime a buzz, I’ll be there for u”
    if is a guy “com’on lar brada, cheer, every one have to come across to this stages, that’s how lifes looks like, if need help, gime a buzz” lolz..

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