Cumbria – The Lake District

Cumbria – The Lake District, is known as England’s most beautiful corner which is situated between the South West Coast of Scotland and Lancashire. Apart from being rich in history, wildlife and literary associations, it is also the home to some of the most spectacular and breathtaking landscapes, rugged fells and tranquil lakes. For those who in search of serenity, a cruise down Lake Windermere would serve best. Mountain walks and museums visitation are available for those who seek to edify themselves about Lake District. It is a place that every traveller who visits England will not miss.
We stayed in a huge Youth Hostel with a waterfront view. Khai Fei and I decided to share a room but there wasn’t any left. We couldn’t afford to wait as the activities start as soon as we arrived. We couldn’t care less and dumped our bags on the lobby and left.

The first activity was the ferry ride around the lakes. It was freezing but yet people stayed on top of the ferry to enjoy the view. From a distance, we could see the snowy hills of Lake District (I heard some people took a 3 hour walk up the hills just to play with the snow). Seagulls were circling our ferry, probably in search of food while the ducks and swans were waiting at the jetty for people to feed them.

MASSOC struck a deal with the ferry operators. They will charge us cheaper and allowed us to make any stops we want to.
We stopped at the Lake District Aquarium which apparently struck me with its beauty at the first sight. We paid the entrance fee impatiently and headed straight in.

What a disappointing exhibition. Everything seemed to be poorly designed and dilapidated. The only interesting sight is the tunnel crossing the aquarium. The ducks and the carnivorous fishes (ie sharks) lived harmoniously. I wonder why the sharks don’t eat ducks. We had a really sulky dinner at the Youth Hostel. After dinner, the bus drivers offered to take us to the pub but with a payment of 1 pound per person. Unscrupulous bastard bus drivers, we knew that they are going to the pub for a drink anyway but those arses charged us.
The pub wasn’t that great. All we had are just hot chocolates and left as soon as we finished it. We took a stroll around that area passing a graveyard and the lake.
Khai Fei and I were finally given a room to stay. However, we had to share the room with Wen Dee because there weren’t any more rooms left.
I unpacked my stuff and went to sleep. While I was happily sleeping, I was woken by a group of people in the room. They were singing “Happy Birthday to Wendee!” I was too tired to say anything or grab the cake they bought for WenDee to eat.

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