Easy Peasy

It was extremely easy for my friend, MIndy to have a guy give her his number the other night. According to Mindy, the guy, Chan is one helluva hunk. w00t!
Mindy: Hey, when do you want to play tennis? You’ve been meaning to, right?
Chan: Yes. Hehe.
Mindy: *handed over her phone to Chan* There, key in your number for me and I’ll call you the next time I’m playing tennis.
*Chan keyed in his number….*
Lesson #1 – It’s easier to make friends with strangers AND HIT ON GUYS by using a hobby as an ulterior motive. ;P
*Chan keyed in his number and handed the phone back to Mindy*
*Mindy took her phone back*
Mindy: *looked at his number* And your name is Choong right? *Mindy keyed his name into her phone*
Lesson #2 – It is also very easy to insult the guy by forgetting his name.
Before Chan left, Mindy wanted to say goodbye to him. In her drunken state:
“Bye CHOONG!!!! Hope to play tennis with you soon!!!!”
She giggled and waved at him, as he turned to stare at her.
Lesson #3 – Please impress guys when you’re not so drunk.

27 thoughts on “Easy Peasy”

  1. aiya…if girl asking phone no from guys usually its easy la…
    not like guys asking phone no from girls…coz girls usually playing mind games πŸ˜€

  2. Aiyah…where got girls looking for guys phone. It shows a desparate sign already and guys may not bother to keep in touch with u unless there is further progress on the same night…kekeke

  3. pokai: why? would you be offended? Mindy quite hot herself!
    Thrillseeker: why contradict? just because you want to hear my personal drunken experience? hehehe ;P
    insomnia: guys too!!!! do you know the right time frame to call up someone after you get their number is a max of 3 days? ;P
    jas: u main game ;P
    zhong: that’s AHLOKKOR ;P
    FrentZen: it’s not desperate la, it’s modern times. what la you guys! girls don’t ask for number, you complain. when girls ask for number, you say desperate ;P

  4. it depends on situation to get contact number, not everyone willing to give tho..later bcome harrassment case. ahhahaha…
    i’ve seen a senario that a guy told a gal that his cell phone has problem,so he asked favor from her that call his number frm her phone see whether his phone is working o not, then he will get a missed call from her. hahahha
    sometimes eventhough get the number but will not call the number ‘forever’, keep for what sake huh?
    oh yea…hobby trick sure can make frenz!! πŸ˜›
    it’s bad if u hardly to remember ppl name and even called the wrong name, mind you …dun simply call the wrong name on bed! ahhaa

  5. i was talking to this pretty hot japanese chick at club met and being shit drunk , i asked her which part of japan she was from. multiple times. i realised i was fux0red and bailed ASAP.
    asked this cute thai chick for her name, but being drunk and her name being thai i fucked it up. 5 times. i realised i was fux0red and bailed ASAP.
    btw this was on the same night. πŸ˜€

    a friend of mine sent several drunken sms to this guy she liked. i think after that the guy didn’t want to entertain her anymore.

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