Caught in the act?

Well guess what, i have internet connection at my new place now. Finally after 2 months but the internet connection kinda sucks and seems unstable. Maybe because of area is new and maybe because my account is new. God know…
Anyway, i came across this incident today. I have this client. She used to run a pub. She is kinda pretty and sexy for a woman in her late 30s. I called her this morning at about 11am, asking her come over my office to sign her document.
me: Hello.Good morning, Ms. X
Ms X: uuuuh….arggh…aaaaah
me: …… ( WTF!! i thought to myself)
(after 1 sec)
me: hello?
Ms. X: aaaah…huh, hello (in a very weak voice)
me: eeer, Ms. X maybe i should call you back later in the afternoon. Sorry for disturbing you.
doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh…i hung up the phone
WTF, is she eeer….she can’t be right?

28 thoughts on “Caught in the act?”

  1. frank, wahlau, so long no sound frm u n u make ur comeback with a post like tis? behtahan!
    frank, r u going 2 tackle older n more mature women like her? haha! i find older women just as attractive. michelle pfeiffer, catherine zeta jones, uma thurman kind of league.
    dun steal her passport size photo or something 4 u 2 erm release when u need it. haha!

  2. karheng: Agree agree…they are hawt.
    FRANK! So your the guy that interupted me and Ms. X during our busy moment together …haha.
    Anyway seriously, you guys got dirty mind to immediately come to that conclusion. Are you sure she wasn’t hurt…that might be why she picked up the phone, to try and get help. Would she be picking up the phone when having sex?

  3. Wah… sorry just noticed. 11am so early to be having sex man.
    Since she works at a pub, she would have got back home really late, I mean early in the morning. You could have called her while she was still sleeping.
    I accidentally woke up a girl when I called her at 7am and she couldn’t talk straight and was making weird baby sounds…hehe…very cute.

  4. Ppl having fun, then Fank go and disturb ppl!
    Scuzzy: she can choose to feng tao until 7am in the morning then take some breakfast until 10am then go home start having fun! So i don’t think it’s a problem…hahaha

  5. well…if frank says that she used to run a pub…my guess would be that her lifestyle is very nocturnalized. Maybe she sleep at 3 -considered early and at 11 just waking up..maybe her voices are that she was trying hard to reach the phone? Some ladies maybe are a bit moany when they wake up from sleep?
    Then again, only Fanker knows how she uuhed or ahhed or arghed…maybe she was having morning sex…(I read somewhere once that sex in the morning is the most pleasurable or something..)

  6. frank: hehe… of cos laa.. the way you tell the story made it sound like something else.
    thus, proves the theory of guys thinking of nothing but sex most of the time! (ie. 99%??)

  7. Fanker: Only you know lor…
    But when u said..
    “( WTF!! i thought to myself)”
    Would u actually think that if u thought she was sleeping? haha

  8. frank: maybe you was actually sexcited by her presence in the first place. Then out of sudden you was greeted by her moan on the phone…makes you feeel more sexcited and WTF.
    I quote you as saying “She is kinda pretty and sexy for a woman in her late 30s.”

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