eligible bachelors 2006

malaysian CLEO’s most eligible bachelor 2006 is on!
bachelor #51’s interview not published:
which reality show would you like to be on?
Kisah Benar, as a rapist.
i know she’s special when …
she irons my underwear nicely and sprays perfume on it after it’s been washed.
what were you teased about as a child?
my big ‘peter’. and i was only 8.
what scares you?
that special girl stops ironing my underwear and spraying perfume on it. *sad face*
being successful to me means …
finding that special girl ironing my underwear and spraying perfume.
a wife-beater is …
macho as hell, i support! women submit, men dominate!
i’m currently listening to …
Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ on repeat. it makes me cry.
[wtf …… ?]
i’ll probably karate kick the fella should i see him!
sooooooooooooooooooo …. who did you vote for, or planning to vote for? every year CLEO magazine has the Most Eligible Bachelor contest and girls (and boys, too) get the chance to drool over their pictures in the magazine and dream our dreams, involving them. ;P
most “bachelors” are always either attached or not into women. sad. “bachelors” eh? meaning unmarried men, i guess. no fun!!!!!! imagine winning a date with one of the bachelors, and he ffk (“stands you up”) because his girlfriend/boyfriend/partner threatened to trail along like a demented groupie, crying, “*sobs* you useless bastard … you’re not eligible! you’re mine, ALL MINE! i’ll bring you to my grave, if i have to!!”
i’d just forfeit the date, if i win it. scared.
i got bored flicking through the magazine – nothing held my attention long enough. and only when i was bored again, a few days later, did i get back to scrutinising the fellas properly. some are really cute looking (yummy…), but the clothes they were given to wear for the shoot were not really my taste. ;P and the questions are not enough. and no stats, too? height please!! ;P
and there’s always a candidate who’s a lawyer. why don’t we nominate xes, fank, rych and honfaai next year? ;D good idea? then we can all be (paid) cheerleaders. ;P
anyway, check this out:
Manhunt International 2006
*drools* i like Bolivia and and China South.

19 thoughts on “eligible bachelors 2006”

  1. which reality show would you like to be on?
    the bimbobum and boob_omatic show
    i know she’s special when …
    bimbobum prepares breakfast for me every morning.
    what were you teased about as a child?
    that i was secretly admiring bimbobum(i was 8 and she was 7 at that time)
    what scares you?
    bimbobum leaving me.
    being successful to me means …
    getting bimbobum to show photos of herself on http://www.xes.cx
    a wife-beater is …
    loathed by bimbobum. she likes to be pampered.
    i’m currently listening to …
    bimbobum’s toilet recording.

  2. aHahAHahAHhAHahAHahAHAH~ wat toilet recording ni? 🙂 *goes and checks my toilet for bugs*
    xes: check out syria doing a split.

  3. oh gee…i shant miss the chance for 2007.. 😛 or could we get someone off the 2006 list to make room for xes??? 😛

  4. Xes. . . You have . . . How should I put it, unusual taste in men.
    All the guys fail, FAIL! But Malaysia and Indonesia looked all right to me. What happened to Japan, Korea, England??
    Xes, go work out and train for 3 years, then we submit your photo to manhunt as well! XD

  5. eheheheh. dear xes, u r tall(er than me, a bit, i think) but ……. err …. you have to look like your idol (the hk candidate) first before you join what. ;P or can you do a split like syria?
    p.s. ooi, sorry la, wei. it’s not a personal insult intended in anyway whatsoever.

  6. Xes: Will keep that in mind.
    They always say the most powerful men in the world aren’t much in stature, but they make up for physical height in other ways.
    So Xes, don’t be sad, hold your head up high! XD

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