Shaven Ice (ABC) with Gula Melaka @ Jonker Street, Melaka

After reading Jasmine’s blog, I hunted for the Gula Melaka topped ice kacang (shaven ice) at Jonker Street. According to Jasmine, the place that serves the said dessert is somewhere nearby Explorer cafe.

We found the café easily 😀 It’s on the main road of Jonker.

Swedish Daniel enjoying a Malaysian delicacy 😀
We have choice of a mixture of cendol and kidney beans or corn and kidney beans. I hate kidney beans.

The abc was EXCELLENT. The Gula Melaka was no ordinary Gula Melaka. It was melted Gula Melaka with gluey texture. Orgasmic I tell you.
The café also has a small Maritime museum with many treasures salvaged from the sea. I particularly like the old coins that were salvaged from sunken ships. They even have a 6th century coin (shaped like a knife) on display!

Great Ambiance 😀

19 thoughts on “Shaven Ice (ABC) with Gula Melaka @ Jonker Street, Melaka”

  1. for a moment, i tot the cafe was called “”.
    2nd, we always seem to put food post back to back. hehe. how to diet?

  2. Nice. It even has a sun roof. My grandpa used to stay in a house in jonker street…now sold off to those money grubbing tourist trappers.
    Xes: I hate kidney beans too. Long live red beans!

  3. yaay…i m reli hungry now. I miss those too. I also like the ice kacang from a stall somewhere in Penang where u have to stand to enjoy it. With loadsa atap-chi. They own a few mercedez ya know. Dang, I should stop studying and make ice kacang.

  4. bimbobum: no need to diet la. eat more to grow your bum.
    jane: its very oishi! ummm dont think tey have that in kl! but something like that !
    jasmine: hehe thanks alot! but towards the end, it was too sweet la. felt like i was about to get diabetis
    xbd: yea! lovely place! 😀
    wolfx: wahlao ur grandpastayed at jonker? he must be damn rich last time la. i dont like red beans too. hehe
    obeliskdee: hahaha, you mean the one atlorong
    electronicfly: im getting fat too 🙁
    boobs: eh? so you travel to melaka every weekend?

  5. aiks, boob_omatic … that’s your LDR? ;P i thought far away country …
    xes: grow my bum and be like that aunty in ROBOTS?

  6. ehhhh i went there the last time too!!!!!!
    Any chendol in Melaka is orgasmic…..I wonder anyone knows any place in KL serve chendol with GULA MELAKA?????
    Next time TAPAU for me yeah……:P 😛
    And wheres my MEMOIRS of GEISHA!!??????
    yeah….i HATE kidney beans toooo…..

  7. oops…i clarified with mom. Grandad never stay on Jonker, but his house is same style as those on Jonker. Got air well etc.

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