Engrish, Japan

For background information about Engrish, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engrish

In simple terms, Engrish is a term used on Japanese English. Usually, it’s a direct translation from Japanese to English, which sometimes makes it humourous.

Here are some Engrish signboards that I saw in Japan.

Up, Up & Away!!

pinched? hehe

There’s one signboard next to the escalator that says, “Please do not play with the escalator”. I wonder what dirty things can we do to it.

At the train platform

But, Engrish sometimes makes English very poetic. For example:-

Damn! I should have bought an Engrish tshirt!

9 thoughts on “Engrish, Japan”

  1. I think Engrish befuddles the native speakers of English more than what Manglish or Singlish. Indian English is just plain funny to listen to.

  2. peggy: welcome šŸ˜€
    gguni: moumantai
    galferari: wahahaha
    pikey: šŸ˜€
    datextilenerd: nananananaa! kekeke no worries, u can blog too!
    Ben: yeah.. u kick my dog!!

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