NYE Rave & Balcony @ Miri, Sarawak

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Many Outdoor events in Malaysia have been cancelled this year. On the last NYE, the rave @ KL Tower had to change its venue because the government cancelled all outdoor events as a mark of respect to the victims of 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Then the Renault F1 Party featuring Yoji Biomehanika & the 1 Million Ringgit Atmospherique rave @ Mines had to be postponed due to the death of the wife of our Prime Minister.

And now…

Regenerate NYE @ Cyberpark, Cyberjaya. 31.12.05

Tempo once brings about the return of the legendary Regenerate series this time in Cyberjaya, Cyberpark.

Line-up :
Assault & Battery
Dj Hide
Eugene & Ben Katana
Vj’s: Pixel Punk
Percussionist: Tabla Maniam.
Time : 9pm onwards.
Presale : RM35
At the door : RM50
Limited Cyberview Cyberlodge Resort rooms are also available.

See you there as we party off our heads into 2006!

“Max Frequency” @ Balcony Cafe & Pub, Miri, Sarawak

Date: 2nd Dec 2005
Venue: Balcony Cafe & Pub
Time: 10pm onwards
Entrance fee: RM15/person (RM15!!??)
DJ Lineup: (House DJ) DJ Seant, DJ Lifestylz (Guest DJ) DJ Fiesta, DJ Cbell J

DJ Cbell J is one of the regulars of this website. Occasionally, he posts his mixset in the forum. Feel free to check it out @ http://xes.cx/forum/viewforum.php?f=2

I will be attending this event! Balcony Cafe & Pub has decided to invite 3 Kuala Lumpur Shufflers and I to attend this event. Food, accomodation and even the flight to Miri are all paid for! Many thanks to Kian & Balcony Cafe & Pub.

Yes..life’s all about partying and travelling…mmmmm

Btw, I cant dance. So please don’t force me to dance!

13 thoughts on “NYE Rave & Balcony @ Miri, Sarawak”

  1. yeah.. at last… RAVE!!! hehehe.. outdoor event.. yeah.. that what i like most! ehehe.. aiyaa xes u can shuffle laa.. jgn memalu .. later kian will give u 2 mirians hot babes! hehehe

  2. Haha.. How would u like us mirians to welcome u guys oi? I know amos will want my candy sweets hehe 🙂 Good to be seeing u guys yeah..

  3. stoom : wah… you want xes to double drop ar ? fuyoo.. banyak oso your duit!! give me one la!
    amos : Thursday nite is amoi hunting nite ka?

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