Featured on Sin Chew Newspaper!


Mum said I look 40 years old here. Perhaps ill look like this when I’m 40.

You can read the article at Sin Chiew’s website or download the article here. It’s a 2 page article posted on the Cyberworld section. I didn’t write the article but I contributed the cases – which took me an hour to compile. I wasn’t expecting anything, probably a small acknowledgment. I didn’t expect my face to be there.

Frankly, I can’t read or write Chinese well. I have a general idea on what was mentioned in the article but not in detail. Aaahh whyyy wasn’t I sent to Chinese schoooolllll…knsss

p/s: got a new client through the article!

[Edit: A rough translation of the article in English can be seen here]

20 thoughts on “Featured on Sin Chew Newspaper!”

  1. nice articles..and i get to know more .. hehehde..yeap..agree with ur mom.. u really look so pro(mature + old) in the press photos..akkkaa..

  2. I’m sure it’s a gay article about him bang somebody bekside! damn I love being bang from behind!

  3. CL: waseh, kept on appearing in newspaper, when gonna appear in TV broadcast? lolx.

    abalone: lolx, go reg yrself @ some chinese classes lar..XD

  4. kink: not yet! keke

    Amos: no la im 60 liao

    Gavin: dont lie..knowing all your bloppers..

    abalone: its not too late..30 years old also got ppl study mandarin!

  5. “Frankly, I can’t read or write Chinese well”

    BIG DIFFERENCE btw cant read or write well and CANT READ AT ALL!!!!


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