final exams starts next week

Final examination starts next week. Family Law on 2nd June, Employment Law on 3rd June and Japanese for Non-specialist 2 on 5th June. I am so gonna die.

Ok, a small clue about the stalker. Note, the email below, taken from the compilation of the emails I posted further below:

From: Nicholas
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 06:42:34 -0700 (PDT)
Whoever you are, please know that these are people’s
emotions that you’re playing with. Who made you judge
to all of this?
Just stop what you’re doing cos it’s bringing hurt to
these people. It’s not for you to decide what Melody
does or doesn’t deserve. That is a job for fate. So
man, I’m asking nicely first , please stop this issue
that you’re pursuing. If you really think she doesn’t
deserve what she has then just let fate decide. If
she’s to lose it all then she will. Think about it, be
a better person.

He wrote to lars ulrich, who is also, himself.

3 thoughts on “final exams starts next week”

  1. wah damn kau 7 lame. he wrote himself an email. it is sadder than sending yourself roses on vday.

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