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Just 2 more days to the deadline of my Corporate Insolvency assignment and my Criminal Justice and Penal Policy exams – do I give a damn? Nope.. Maybe its something that happens after an accident, I really think I have better things in life to do than worry about studying for exams. When I was lying down in the hospital bed on the 3rd day (the worst day) with all the needles stuck in me, all I wanted to do was to live properly again – now that I am okay, I don’t need this sort of stress in my life now, it is superficial stress and I am so beyond that. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel the least bit stress about my exams. I wonder if that’s a good thing…?

This would be last batch of exams I would have before I can look at my study-life straight in the eye and say, now you can fuck off. I will be starting work back home soon, then I wanna get married, have 7 kids (and therefore naming them all after my Watson 16 housemates – so let’s hope I have 5 sons and 2 daughters *cross fingers*), have a life full of love, die a happy great-great-grandmother and be a guardian angel to all my loved ones. Sounds like a plan?. 😉

Talking about dying and guardian angels, Leong suggested I write something about a friend of mine, X who has the ability to see ?things?. Of course, it is really up to you guys to believe it or not but it makes up for something interesting to read and talk about.

At home
She has had many terrifying experience of being ?held down? by ?something? while she slept. The Chinese believed it to be a naughty spirit pressing you down, making it impossible for you to move but is aware of everything else happening around you. Apparently, it is quite common. Many times X would feel ?it? clutch her and she would try with all her might to scream for help to no avail.

Once, in one of the many times she got ?pressed down?, she saw fleeting images of white things around a row of white houses. And sometimes, she would hear mutterings in a language she could not comprehend and occasionally, even deep breathing by the side of her ear. Now she has learnt to go with the flow ? stay calm, silently say a prayer and wait for it to go away.

Midvalley Megamall
It was not the first time X felt like fainting and vomiting while she was walking around the huge shopping complex, feeling worse as the floors got higher. By the time she was at the UGC and McD floor, she was on the verge of fainting, overcome with nausea and feeling as if the place was ?not nice? in a negative vibe kinda way. The last time she was there, it was to watch LOTR: The Two Towers, she didn?t get to watch the ending as she had succumbed to the depressing vibe that clouded her mind and senses and decided to leave that place immediately with her dad.

At the carpark, her dad was driving out when X suddenly started screaming at her dad to slowdown. Her dad was like wth? Why? She then said that she saw a man standing right in the middle of the carpark and her dad was going to bang him down. Her dad was positive that he saw no man in front of the car while X was just as sure that she saw a man just standing there. Her reaction to the ?man? in front of the car was extremely startling to say the least, prompting her dad to believe that she probably did see ?something?, which he couldn?t.

Sungai Buloh
We were with some friends at a random BKT shop when X went pale and started to cry. She asked me if I could see an old lady standing right behind her. There was nothing and no one behind X at all. She said that this old lady was dressed in an old purple cheong-foo and was just standing there rigidly, head cocked to one side, staring at X. It took us a while to calm her down. While the rest of us couldn?t see anything, we already felt uneasy and left soon after we finished our lunch.

Hong Kong
All was well when we were all holidaying in HK, until we went to the underground. Immediately, X turned pallid and she was about to faint. By then, we could tell that she was getting some negative vibes from the area and tried to get her out of the place as soon as we could. While walking back to the hotel, she began to saw ?them? everywhere in streets – standing rigidly or sleeping at the side of the pavement. When we asked her how did she know ?they? were what they were, she say that it was obvious coz it was winter time in HK then, everybody was wrapped up to their teeth in thick coats, scarves and gloves. ?They? were dressed in thin, summer clothing oblivious to the cold harsh wind blowing around them. And furthermore, people walk past ?them? as if they weren?t there ? which to the layman?s eye, technically weren?t.

There is this certain junction in SS2 (the traffic-lights whereby we turn right to go to Sri Siam) and there?s a house facing those traffic lights. Whenever we pass that place, X had always seen the same man sitting in front of the house, on top of the water-meter thingy. She says that the man is there without fail, night or day; he would be just sitting there unflinchingly. And naturally, the rest of us don?t see that man. So the next time, you guys pass that junction, see if you can see a man sitting outside the house facing the traffic-lights?.

Besides these places, X also had many sightings in places like Subang Jaya (near the highway, turning into Subang Parade on the way to Taylor?s), Damansara Heights (the housing estate, not sure where exactly) and Damansara Perdana among others.

She doesn?t only see people but also animals. Many a time, while her dad was driving, she would yell out that her dad was going to run over a dog or cat when everybody else in the car saw nothing. X could see the dog or cat sitting or standing still in the middle of the road while cars drove right through them. And sometimes, she would see them sitting quietly beside the carcass of themselves that got run down a few moments ago.

A gift or a curse? X does not understand why she sees them or if they really are a figment of her imagination. Oh well, I guess we will never know? but do we really need to anyway? 😀

And yes, below you would see some silly webcam shots of my darling sister Kim and I? to those who really care ? look!! I almost look normal again!!! The bandanna and cap had to be worn to cover some bruises on my head, which has not fully heal yet. Ahhh.. life is goooood?. *WARM HUGS TO ALL*


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  1. you know, i wanted to blog about how i feel like something’s pressing me on my bed and wouldn’t let me move a muscle the other day but i decided not too cos i was afraid people might call me a freak and guess what? you blogged about a friend who feels that way. hmmm… interesting post btw 🙂

  2. Finally there’s pictures.. you look like you lost some weight.. But yeah, hospitals tend to do that to people. Looking postively glowy in the pictures tho.. ;D I’m actually starting to believe that you’re feeling better.. -griN- -hugs-

  3. if it was something visible (and if it’s a guy ur thinking, it’s not lah).and i get that all the time esp when i sleep real late 🙁

  4. di0n, OH PLEASE LAH. GET UP! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. *rolls on the floor laughing*anyway, don’t u think we’re getting a lil off topic? spotlight’s on wen dee’s friend, herself and her sis. not us 🙂

  5. true. but you know, let’s give in to wen dee this time. hahahahaa. wait she kaboinks us 😀

  6. aiya, she so leng lui, always also like a huge star liedat. go where oso got ppls googling at her! :

  7. yah la, samore this wen dee never bring her to taylor’s last time for justin and i to see! 😛

  8. lol ss2 men scares u? hmmmhey wen dee i like your white cap… girls with cap always look good.. !

  9. yeah, i agree. girls who wear caps look super duper cute. it’s a pity very few girls wear caps.

  10. lol.. almost all of 18 comments made by 2 people.. gosh, both of you are true spammers, HAHA! btw, you look great wen dee :)no exam stress is good and bad.. but who can blame you now after what you have been thru.. enjoy life

  11. wee kiat, you shaddap! what spammers. hahaha. we love wen dee so give her more love lah. don’t jealous k. :Deh di0n and cris, weird. my guy friend dislikes girls with cap. 🙁 or maybe it’s just me lah 🙁

  12. from the sheffield s3 area, hi to all. my first comment on chengleong’s site, thanks to continuous pestering from wendee. yes the same wendee, who has become the glorious flying fox of sheffield. the road to super stardom never took such an unconventional route. ;)bandanna cladding ghetto superstar. simply stellar!

  13. tIcKLe`Me, ikari, cris, wee kiat, jia hui, chen: hehe thankss 😀 *hugs*di0n: I DID bring her to taylor’s-la.. you and Justin never see only!!! wAahahhaha!!ah huat: wtf?? 😉

  14. jia hui: errr… GIS, I think? (di0n, help me out here!) 😀 The one from MC is the other justin you were talking about earlier..

  15. aiyoo.. bring but dun intro also no use right? you know i damn shy! ;x but once intro, then nooooo problem wan!!!!ehhe justin from mutiara.

  16. di0n: ah yes, mutiara tats it… always had the impression justin was from GIS for some reason :)… and abt my sis, how to intro when u never talk to me then also!!! 😀

  17. make this the 32nd. the more i look at wen dee’s sis, the more i think she looks like my ex-classmate. hur. nvm, i’ll compare their faces tomorrow. 😀

  18. aiyoo i was always with justin mahhh.. ;pyou tell me ler.. 1st sem there samore wanna approach u meh… hahah crazy! ;xi damn shy wan you know! :

  19. wah… so many comments weh..man, da ghost story sounds freaky..i hope she/he is alright…:)…Okies, this photos are gonna be the last time you guys are gonna see me in long hair.. I’m gonna cut it short sOon..wAhaAHa

  20. you know. 50 could be possible if di0n were to work it with me. even to read 60 it’s possible. RITE DION? 😀

  21. 44 is a bad no. So here is 45. I wanna post up to 48 but i guess not. Xes and wen dee will be mad at me. =)

  22. Dee, looking gorgeous as usual. especially in the white cap. kim, lookin good to. wish i was actually there, physically, with u guys. so we could go rock the world. 😉

  23. 49th comment.di0n, i want to be the 50th so badly but nvm lah. im not so kiasu. lol. congrats to the one who comments after me. *huggies* di0n

  24. aiks? omg. i posted twice?!! woa. i’m 50th! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA. congrats to me.eh i really didn’t know man. lol. WHAT PURPOSELY! *smacks di0n and dicky*

  25. nops, i dun think i can bare to just stop here. It’s sssoooOOooOoOooOo tempinggggggg.. aye! 62! OMFG we are one crazy people or lifeless or.. wait i KNOW LAME! yaaa *sings supergrass song* we are Lame! we’ve got tits! We are Lame! We Areeee OnnNneeEEE!!

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