Gatecrasher 2004

Gatecrasher was awesome! The music was fantastic and the venue was great as well (Sepang F1 International Circuit)! However. it didn’t start of well though. Those people who came early had to wait for hours for the gates to be opened (it opened at 12:30AM. Some poor souls came at 1030PM). We had to wait for an hour for the gates to open. I heard that they entire thing was delayed cause the DJs’ flight to Kuala Lumpur was delayed.

The event was a little bit underground too. We had problem locating the place and there were no signboards to guide us. I had to call Wookookoo for directions. Probably the purpose of not putting any signboards was to prevent police raids 😀

I danced till my soles hurts. Thanks to the blisters I had from 3 hours of futsal last night. Fortunately, we managed to last till 5:30AM in the morning 😀 I heard the event lasted till 7:40AM. Madness…

Pictures taken from Don @ & eraine

10 thoughts on “Gatecrasher 2004”

  1. eraine: feng ah feng ahhYUMMIE: the mummies were dancing on the stage.. 😀 Gavin: looks like some alley behind jalan chow kitiris: i dont trip 😀 ivn: mahai must be u la..must call police liaogguni: top table? er..there was no table @ all wo..eheh Laine: yup..can cure sadness 😀 kev: stfu la ahhaha

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