last day of work.

I finally quit my job as an attachment student of a law firm. It has been 10 months since I started. I’m going to miss everyone in the office. Final exam is 21 days away, am I fully prepared? So far, the answer is still a definite no.

This exam is very crucial to my career. If I pass this exam, I would be a legally qualified person. Not yet a lawyer, I still have a 9 months internship to go through and after that I would have to wait to be called to the Bar. Once I am called to the Bar, I would be a lawyer 😀 (no distinction between a Barrister and a Solicitor in Malaysia. In Malaysia, all lawyers are called Advocates and Solicitors )

But if I fail it, I have to endure another 9 months of hardship and weekend classes. Chances of passing are pretty low. Last year, it was rumoured that 1000 people sat for the examination, only 18% of them passed.

Dear god, please give me an extra brain in order for me to pass this examination.

Shits that i have to read and memorize..god damn it..

11 thoughts on “last day of work.”

  1. All the best. If you fail, just do the “XTO move” (Xes The One) on random clubbing chicks and it’ll all be better.:P

  2. ivan: teR liA ma ka chEDan: thanks man 😀 yummie: dont have. but if u pay me..maybe there is..ehhe irenehai: yeah lo..self impose hermit order hehe Ivan: tahnks dude ;D wolfx: aiyo dont say fail wei.. hehefErker: thank u!! i think ill pass if i call u ferker more! sapphire_pearl: thanks!! 😀 Lainie: yeah..cutting out soon..soon nobody will see me online..i hope..eheh

  3. good luck dude! with my good luck wish, u dont’ need to study! just have to go climb walls! and u’ll still pass!hopefully 😉

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