happy birthday to sohai and haichap!

Happy Birthday to Soon Yean and Wai Keong! We shall celebrate it with a game of Futsal tonight!

Mission accomplished! Soon Yean and Wai Keong were fucked! We had 21 bottles of beer between 9 people. And fck man, we had supper (I’m supposed to refrain myself from supper due to mum’s order). We had fried clams, fried fish, roasted pigeons and fried cuttlefish. Man, now I’m a fat bastard.

Well, no one puked. But no doubt Wai Keong and Soon Yean were fucked. But mann, the thing that pisses me off is that they were still standing at the end of the night!!

6 thoughts on “happy birthday to sohai and haichap!”

  1. Hey, u guys are good… me friends and us got one little problem: we wana learn how to fuckin shuffle !!We would like to ask for your ‘kind assistance’ to show us more or to guide us to learn shuffle. U guys got anymore basic steps to shuffle that we can watch, learn and fuckin master it ??!! Thanx a bunch, great moves on the shuffle !!Sincerely,Shuffle fans

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