mr lion king!

After a week break, classes resume back to normal today. Well, back to the boring classes today. Today’s class was from 2PM to 7PM. It bores us to death.

However, our lecturer, Mr Lion King (not his actual name but his name can be directly translated into Lion King :D) has the ability to spice up the lecture by telling jokes during interval. So today, he told us this incident that happened couple of days ago.

A girl from Ipoh called Mr Lion King regarding A-Levels distance learning.

Girl: I would like to enrol in your college’s A-Levels distance learning program. Could you send me the notes and textbook to my place?

Lion King: Ok, but distance learning is tough. What did you get for your SPM (high school examination)?

Girl: That is not important. So when do I send in the cheque?

Lion King: Eum, do you mind telling me your SPM aggregate before we commence?

Girl: I got 39 (which is very, very high, almost at the total failure level).

Lion King: 39? Well, that would be hard for you to pass your distance-learning program.

Girl: So you think I’m STUPID?

Lion King: errr… No, I’m not calling you stupid but it would be harder for you to pass if you have this result. It’s a tough course.

Girl: You think I’m STUPID.

Lion King: errr…

Girl: I’ll send in my cheque tomorrow. You have no choice but to accept my cheque. I KNOW MY RIGHTS!!

The argument went on and eventually the girl slammed down the phone. Then the girl called back.

Girl: Hello, I called just now. I spoke to a rude man.

Unknown to her, she called Mr Lion King’s phone.

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