Horrible Haze

Kuala Lumpur 9.8.2005
The haze in Kuala Lumpur has gone worst.
The entire Kuala Lumpur stinks.
Visibility is low and its boiling hot.
Many people are falling sick.
It hasnt rain for days as well.
According to the news, the haze wont go away until end of the month October!!
Soon we need to walk out with a gas mask.
Port Klang air quality at hazardous level
PETALING JAYA: The Air Pollutant Index (API) hit 410 in the Port Klang as at noon Wednesday.
API levels in several areas in Selangor and the Federal Territory at noon are as follows:
# Kuala Lumpur – 181
# Petaling Jaya – 204
# Kuala Selangor – 327
# Shah Alam – 316
# Putrajaya – 224.
The API system as adopted in Malaysia categorises air quality as hazardous to health when the index exceeds 300, according to the Department of Environment website.

22 thoughts on “Horrible Haze”

  1. yea man!! i can’t see anything from my office!! it’s so bad.. my fren got diagnosed with tonsilitis, and kena lung infection.. now she got no voice to talk.. heh i don’t go out for lunch now.. just stay in office..

  2. shit man! wots the reason for the haze??? u can crash wit me for a bit if u like! sunny breezy and cheery here!

  3. baburs: shits….throat infection. i had that once, i was bedridden for a week and survive on liquid food!!!
    dave: yeah!!! but my dad doesnt print money though…doh!!
    Darren: is miri hazy now? couple of years back my dad went to borneo for a trip, he came back with volcanic ashes that was blown from phillipines!
    eraine: yea yea, but this time round, i think tis worst la. we’re going to die soon!!
    Valz: ooo. take some honey. will get better in no time! 😀

  4. yesterday’s haze was bad. this morning’s haze was WORSE. i can smell the smoke right outside my house. ALL THE WAY to port klang(my office). and i’m going down to kl soon. sigh…
    *yes, i’m reading blogs in my office. hahahaha

  5. newspaper mentioned that it may only clear up in october… that’s 3 months away! before that, might as well migrate la.

  6. zhong: yeah, to add salt to wound, we might go on a draught season..soon we’ll have to ration water..wtf!! smelly toilets!!
    von: ops. mine was old news. better change it.. hehe

  7. You know, it’s sad to hear about the haze, and real unfortunate to BE in one of the worst-hit places (I woke up smelling smoky air).
    Having seen how bad the haze is, it makes me wonder how much this actually contributes to the greenhouse effect, globally.
    I’m usually not an environmental-kind of person. Until I witness the haze, and experience living in it myself.

  8. the haze is sooo bad tht i don dare to breathe in too much when i walk to college. nearly suffocate n die haha. 🙂

  9. xes: sometimes it’s hazey, it’s not consistant, oh the volcanic ash was long time ago when the volcano in the philipines erupted, there was dirt everywgere hehe

  10. hey guys its raining ice cube(do we have a word to describe this phenomena?) here in subang this evening!!! now the haze is getting better after the ice cube rain (small 1 lah the ice, abt the size of a red bean)

  11. narrowband: just better start recycling from today onwrds!
    wookookoo: wear doraemon mask. you have shizuka
    wernee: hehehe i cant see your office too!
    Darren: was it hard t breath as well then?
    zhong: i cant see it from my office too!!
    Peggy: its due to open burning in sumatera
    nikki: ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i can hardly breath inside my own house…
    when the door and windows are open, i can hardly see my mom in the living room~~~
    *a bit exaggerated but..yeah, the haze do seep into my house…

  13. Fuck INDONESIA!! The HAZE is back!
    I hope the people who started the forest fire gets burn to death by his own fire.

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