Hotels @ Jalan Bukit Bintang..

A Singaporean lady was murdered in a hotel in Jalan Bukit Bintang today. She was tied on the bed, naked and suffered multiple slash wound.
This reminded me of a story from my Dad. Many, many years ago, an English chap who works for my Dad’s company came to KL. He stayed in a hotel along Jalan Bukit Bintang. My dad and his colleague were due to meet him on the following weekday. Dad met him in Oxford during one of his business trips.
So anyway, the English chap was murdered in his hotel room. Stabbed many times and blood all over the room. None of his belongings was stolen. The door was locked from inside, no sign of break-in.
In the hotel room, there were two phone numbers, one belonging to my Dad another belonging to his colleague. Hence, the two of them were suspected as murderers. Our house was searched and his colleague was arrested in his jogging attire. He didn’t get the chance to change his clothes at all.
However, his colleague did not know about the case. He was kept in a room for hours. Then a Chinese policeman came…
Policeman: Just admit it, you wont suffer anymore.
Colleague: Admit? Admit to what? (Colleague then thinks to himself…shitt..must be one of the many times I jaywalked).
Policeman: for murdering that gweilou (Caucasian).
Colleague: WHAT???? I didn’t!!
He was released couple of hours later.
The murderer was not found until today. There were 2 conspiracies.
1. Few hours before he was murdered, he was seen talking to a transvestite in a disco below the hotel. However, there was no evidence that the transvestite went to his room.
2. He was murdered by IRA members.
8 – 9 years later, an enquiry was held. No further evidence was found and even the motive of the murder was not known. The court closed the case and hence some ah kua (transvestite) might have gotten away with murder.

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  1. Hmm… remind me of the murder case under the shophouse I stayed last time. The owner died, left only the few months old baby lying besides the 2 full blooded parents. And now, the baby oledi turned into a secondary school’s boy… and the murderer not yet been found.
    But the horrible howls of all the dogs tat nite after the dead… I will never forget. Super scary!!!

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