How to tell if your staff have been drinking on the job?

We all know what beer can do to us. This is what it did to the people in the Heineken factory. =D
Is this a common sight on beer bottles btw?

18 thoughts on “How to tell if your staff have been drinking on the job?”

  1. grr. i wanted to say something about the post, until i saw the previous nobrainer comments.. tsk. lost my appetite to comment already. hrmph.
    oh, 9th, btw! 😀 lol.

  2. 17!! eh?? why all these numbers btw??
    What r u all trying to prove?
    psst: endroo G is drunk!! <– suppose to be 16..not 15)

  3. 18th! Gimme those bottles, i go screw the factory workers 😛 prolly label was arranged wrongly. FYI, stickers labelled by machine but human placed the labels. But in any case, pls refer to back label, any signs of MDNP, SDNP, HKDNP? Afraid its smuggled beer or a repacked beer. I’ll buy that bottle from u though 😛

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