I guess you all noticed that this week’s posts were pretty dramatic. Everyone was wondering who the hell iloveu is.

I’ve never met her in my life. I have no idea who she is. She came to my website and started posting weird messages. Then we asked her who she is but she didn’t want to reveal herself despite the fact that many of us requested her to do so. She should at least tell us her name as an act of courtesy. But instead, she kept on babbling about how misery her life was and all her sob stories.

As you all know, I have very low tolerance towards irritating and annoying people.

But Big Ben advised me, “aiyah, you shouldn’t be so mean to people, if they annoy you, insult you or be rude to you, just take it as it were.”

I took his advice and tolerated all the crap that iloveu said.

Then i jokingly suggested we ignore iloveu so that she would give in and reveal herself.

Bad move, she went berserk. She started insulting me. She called me a lousy lawyer. She said, “you have no difference between local guys even though you were educated in the UK and traveled half the world” (but I have no idea what she meant with local guys. I see no problem with local guys).

And worst of all, she said I was SHORT. LIA MA GE CHAU HAI. That is the worst insult that a man could ever take (2nd worst would be short dick).

However, I ignored her and let her post whatever she wants as most people here knows that there?s something wrong with her. Fortunately, many of my friends backed me up (thanks guys, you guys are tEh best!).

My friend, Huei Wern wrote a remark against her. She basically pointed out ilove’s fault. To me it seems to be a reasonable remark as she was saying that iloveu failed to reveal her self and so on.

Coincidentally, I posted an extract from Choon Huei’s blog, who also shares the same name as Huei Wern . iloveu mistakenly thought that Choon Huei posted the remark against her. Iloveu went berserk and started attacking poor Choon

She started invading people’s blogs. Poor ryuu took down his tagboard cause his tagboard cant ban her. SuiLin’s website was bombarded with insulting messages. michaelooi was the best. He replied in a funny way and edited some of her comments. It was darn funny.

An extract from michaelooi?s website

sorry michaelooi , yomomma , huei, choon and everyone …

i admit i am a fucked up individual and i need to be put to sleep like those rabid dogs on the streets.

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iloveu | Homepage | 02.07.04 – 2:45 pm | #

From Sui Lin’s website

iloveu: my insult must have been got her to the bones becos it is so accurate…HAHAHAHAHAH.. i won!!!

iloveu: and even deny that the pic is hers….HAHAHAHA..she should just die so can reborn new face..

iloveu: she is the girl that intimidate old woman with her fucking slang but cannot defend her own face

iloveu: everybody go herre everybody go here

terjin – yeah mannnnnnnn she so ill-mannered…nobody want smell her pussy anymore so she might as well just die..cos she can use fucking slang to intimidate old woman but cant defend her own defect face? HAHHAHAHAHA…

Posted by iloveu @ 02/06/2004 09:38 PM CST

she can try intimidate old woman with her fucking english slang but cant defend her own face but instead deny that photo is hers….i think she should just shoot herself to die…HAHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by iloveu @ 02/06/2004 09:08 PM CST

From Choon?s website

michaelooi – aint she a bitch? forcing xes to liar on her behalf becos she starting insulting me and cannot take when i give back her own medicine..
iloveu | 02.06.04 – 10:08 am | #

michaelooi – she try use everyone to cover her shiet that she u want be one of her dog now?
iloveu | 02.06.04 – 10:10 am | #

iloveu | 02.06.04 – 12:30 pm | #

iloveu | 02.06.04 – 12:31 pm | #

But Choon has a better answer,

hahaha … my dear iloveu, action speaks louder than words. since you’re all that great and old, dun be such a coward and still hide yourself under that pseudonymn. it’s pretty lame for an old ppl.

besides, u got no rights to talk about courage to me. i’ve got the courage to say this: yes, i may not be the prettiest girl alive in msia. but hello, i have the courage to say that outloud cuz that do not bring me down at all. if you want to compare the amount of self-esteem and self-confident between both of us, i think my level is up so high, it’s incomparable at all.

whereas for you, u don’t even for the guts/courage to reveal your name. so shutup about ur comments pls.

besides, i’m not that “huei”.

oops, i’m sorry. i tot that since you are great, you should have known about the fact that millions of chinese ppl have the same name “huei”, and the fact that lots of other ppl have similar tone and slang.
choon | Homepage | 02.06.04 – 12:27 pm | #

In reply iloveu said,

name? xes – she intimidate me at ur blogg…but she calling and make use all her male frends to make fun of my pussy is she gone too far…so xes..can u stop it plss

This is clearly nonsense. I wonder why does she make up such stories. Probably she thinks that I can?t read English for nuts. In fact Choon wrote a message apologizing to iloveu for her comment above. She said,

dear iloveu,

i have no idea why you get the pleasure of bashing me up, but since you said that you do not like people to frame you up, let me tell you that neither do i. i am not huei. nor yomomma or other pseudonymn’s that other people used, which i couldn’t remember.

and if you’re really aiming to get people to notice that i am a masculine kind of biatch, who is a man underneath a woman’s face, i believe you have gotten your message across. =) right now, i think if people were to say my name, i can just visualize that others will just say, “oh, isn’t she a guy? or is that the tomboy biatch who spoke with the supposedly slang?” ;D

i’m sorry if my comment last night was rude to you.
i’m really sorry for that.

i later realized that maybe you are going through some tough period of time, that none of us even realized about it, and i’m really sorry for you if they make fun of you that way. i hope you will be able to pull through these troubled period and may you find a happier times in the future. i am saying this with utmost sincerity, and i not bashing u up please.

My fellow visitors, I hereby submit that iloveu is a lunatic. She should be admitted to a psychiatric hospital indefinitely for further treatment. And one last word from iloveu,

nameサ XES I AM PREGNANT WOMAN!!!!!!!!DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Couple of my friends has begun to trace this psycho. Results will be out soon.

What do you think about iloveu? Please comment..

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  1. mofo!man…all i said was iloveu invasion..and what does she type in reply?terjin – yeah mannnnnnnn she so ill-mannered…nobody want smell her pussy anymore so she might as well just die..cos she can use fucking slang to intimidate old woman but cant defend her own defect face? HAHHAHAHAHA…Posted by iloveu @ 02/06/2004 09:38 PM CSTas though i am in unison with her remarks…pls arr…dont misunderstand ah ppl..just wanted to clrify dat..coz it looks like i support her…

  2. Hi πŸ™‚ Got your webbie off Gav. I didn’t know that you’re Siew LEe’s ex housemate πŸ™‚ Anyway… wow.. the anonymity of the internet brings out wonders. Could you not trace his/her ip address from your tagboard and then determine the location? =)

  3. i am in the midst of investigation … who is iloveu ? i am working on this with that yomomma (a famous blogger in disguise)

  4. yomama is mark nam rite…cos he realy got that notorious and punk kinda guy who can make fun ppl pussy for hourss long

  5. michaelooi – u find me out for what? i am jus old woman what can i do to u that u want complain? MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAit is more like u little boys harrass me *hiaks*

  6. wah this iloveu is the biggest troublemaker of all the troublemakers i’ve seen in leong’s website. she’s irritating, stupid, annoying, bitchy, rude, arrogant, doesn’t make sense, and her english is really bad. i think someone should shoot her with a tranquiliser gun and then exhibit her in the zoo.

  7. i think she’s enjoying the attention she’s getting. she probably knows that she’s wrong with the facts anyway.

  8. oii weekiat long time no seee MIA ahas for the others, i think she’s just another coward that loves hiding behind the computer screen.. i think its better to ignore her until Tanjung Rambutan psychitric hospital picks her up from her home.

  9. i wonder if there are any cyberlaws governing online stalking yet? but i guess one could also email her isp and report her abuse of the internet by revealing her ip add. but she’s clearly troubled and anyone with such malice shouldn’t even use the word love to depict herself.

  10. xes … why don’t you just ban her from your commenting sys and tag bd ?she’s giving us human a bad name. dogs won’t trust us no more.

  11. This is some psychotic shit dude.It’s like the movie Psycho + CSI together but in real life.Oh well, from wat i think, she/he/it sounds like a troubled individual.From the looks of it, she’s of a chinese education background with most probably an over protective family.Access to the net might b recent to her which is y she’s “lettin herself go”.Quite a good level of confidence and ignorance mix together.(Worst concoction of cocktail ever). It’ll die down eventually xes. As long as visitors to this site do not repond to any of her post.Attention is all she seeks as she comes from a deprived childhood.Best of all, it might b a HE.”Plz be warned that this is only my non-professional assesement and in any case might not b accurate. Assesment is made base on experience and advise and also from reading of books.”;)

  12. michaelooi – cos u the dog ma…come reveal urself to me so i can report u for modesty outrage me the trouble of looking for u ler..

  13. michaelooi – u sitting there and hiding ur IP and make fun of ppl pussy is really coward la..nobody want choi lei…be bold like lynzzter..she is girl and bold enough to show off her office IP to bitch me…where is ur balls?

  14. lynzzter – my english is no good and i am look ah lian but i am very proud and happy for it…while u got mixed breed big eyes filipino look pls dont harrass me lerr… …i know u these kinda big eyes filipinos look liked using english slang when talk ler…i see alot on the roadside these kinda girls…

  15. lynzzter – and i also come to conclusion that u are frustrated filipinos big eyes bitch cos u got so touchy when i exposed ur filipinos traits…u called me chinky so what ler…i am pure chinese what…..nothing to me..waaaa i am the ah lian and my english is also no good…and this frustrated big eyes filipinos bitch is coming after me *sobsob* i better run for my life lerr!!!!!!!!MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. dun worry lynn, one and only psycho bitch would say u looking arglee, but the rest of us thinks u are teh Rawks man!!!!! (btw, I think she’s jealous dat u are more cun than her dats y….typical female)

  17. IT gives ‘iloveu’ a bad name, sial. you know how you really wanna squash a helluva irritating and noisy bug but it just does NOT go away? it is sorta like that. faster find out who la..hahaha i wanna know also.

  18. You know..after reading his/her comments…. it sounds more like he’s a guy. cause females wouldn’t be so vulgar, would they? And neither would they speak of their own gender that way. My 2 cents =)

  19. HAHAHHAH WHAT A WEIRDO (yeah my tagboard can be used to ban and edit comments to make ppl look like clowns so i ain’t worried)huei wern…not the most common of names…wonder if we know the same girl? shall check up with herhmm…and i thought the world was finally picking up on netiquette.

  20. yeah! i felt the same way too. I think iloveu is more like a guy. Cud he be the stalker who stalked on u? but it’s kinda strange, just becuz of some remark by huei, she went beserk. OMG!

  21. Agree with gguni:The ‘Deprived-attention-seeker’ bit.———————–ROTFLMHO.. good one, michael:”…giving us human a bad name. dogs won’t trust us no more. ”

  22. lainie- yes its me, huei wearn. n hey i didnt realise i had such powers to unleash monsters n stuff! sorry guys… it seems to be on a roll

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