I’m Not a Plastic Bag


Anya Hindmarch
, the designer who came up with this must-have tote bag are sold out in the United States. A few months ago, you must have read that the queues in Taiwan or Singapore (I can’t remember which country) were crazy mad, women were trampling on others just to get the bags!!
Of course, I do wonder whether I sighted the original or a fake. Hmmm….
Ooooohhhh check out the Bag Snob!

8 thoughts on “I’m Not a Plastic Bag”

  1. it’s definitely a fake. there’s no dark brown colour, the straps are too thin and the letters doesn’t seem to be stitched on. šŸ™‚
    i have the original one, but now damn sakit hati because EVERYWHERE also selling the fakes. one consolation is i haven’t seen anyone selling the fake South East Asian version (grey stitched letters) anywhere yet.

  2. lol…Whats the whole point of all this anyway. That its real or fake? or, that at least regardless of wheather it is real or not, that at least its not a plastic bag.
    Whats the price tag of this bag?

  3. thats a fake, the words are printed on. sounds quite dumb to line up for a bag, but it’s actually for a good cause. a lot of big names are selling cheap shopping bags to promote less plastic usage… it’s just like the Village Grocer bag everyone’s carrying around Bangsar. of course, after the exchange rates and taxes, what costs a mere few dollars overseas has become RM50.

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