Ipoh Road Trip – Part II – Rock Climbing @ Lost World of Tambun

In conjunction with the Hari Raya public Holidays, my climbing gang (Amos, Angeline, Carnes Bangxin, Fai, Mikey and Ping) and I made a trip down to Lost World of Tambun to check out their rock climbing facility. It’s around 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur.

We were fortunate to miss the balik kampung rush. The drive was pretty smooth.

Lost World of Tambum is actually an entertainment park, with water park and “dry” park with all sorts of rides. The entrance fee to Lost World of Tambum is RM22 (for adults).

The entrance

The climbing spot, which is located at the back of the entertainment park, is located within a valley of lime stones with lakes scattered here and there. We were also fortunate to be spared from the scotching sun as the place is shaded by the natural rocks.

Carness with our crash pad.



Tiger show 😀

Ping & Mikey – <3 The landmark for the said climbing spot would be the humongous pillar. I was told that the shape of the pillar is caused by wind erosion.
The pillar

Bangxin (left) dwarfed by the pillar

There is another entrance to the said climbing spot i.e through a residential area. I’m not sure whether one could enter through the residential area as the said residential area may be a gated community.

Climbing gears are not provided. Further, there are no personnel to teach or assist anyone to climb. Climbs here are set up especially for advance climbers for them to lead climb and boulder. Nevertheless, I must commend the management of Lost World of Tambum for keeping the place in order and clean.

This can be climbed

Mikey – climbing

Me- climbing

Me – finished!

2nd route

Huge leaves!

Poor Carness – bitten by mosquitoes

Lovely residential area

We didn’t climb much. It was drizzling after climbing one route and we had to take shelter under the rocks. Fortunately, it wasn’t a thunderstorm otherwise we’ll end up as roasted climbers. After leading 2 routes, the rain got a little bit heavier hence we had to pack up.

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To be continued..

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  1. that’s my hometown. as someone who grew up in tambun, i didn’t know it was lost until recently. thankyou sunway!!

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