Ipoh Road Trip – Part III – Tambun Inn

We stayed at one hotel by the name Tambun Inn. From outside, the place looks run down and creepy. Oh, the inn is next to a Chinese cemetery!

checking in..

But inside, the place looks fine. It seems that their interior has been revamped. Our room was not comfortable though.

Other than a hotel, the place is also a night spot – a fengtau (shake head) joint to be precise.

“Sexy Goddess Show” LOL

This inn is reported to be haunted. My research on the internet reveals that lights turns on and off within the inn, as well as the odd sound of whispers.

I had one extraordinary encounter while sleeping. It was around 2 a.m. and my room lights were turned off. Suddenly, I heard a woman breathing loudly. It went on for some time.

Few moments later, I could hear a man breathing loudly. And thereafter, the woman’s voice again.

I then realised it was my neighbour having s*x in the middle of the night. The walls are so thin that I could hear them having hot s*x.


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