Journey back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from boring ol’ Sheffield

I made it. I didn’t sleep throughout the night! I spent most of the time packing and talking to my housemates.

My taxi came 20 minutes before my train. I quickly packed my bags and bid Charles farewell. I guess it?s the last time I?ll see him in Sheffield.

My flight to Mumbai was delay 1? hour. I almost bore myself to death.

Damn Singapore Airlines. Seats were terrible (I was stuck in the middle between two ladies who never initiated any conversation throughout the journey) and the food tasted horrible. There was once I went to the Business Class?s toilet because the queue in the Economic class was too long. The toilet was 2 times bigger than the Economic class?s toilet. I happily did my business there, cleaning all the blood clots inside my nose (due to the dry air). Suddenly, someone was knocking on the door. I responded with a knock back and went out to see who was it once everything was done. It was a stewardess and she seemed pissed. I smiled and walked back to my seat. Few moments later, a stewardess, in a hostile tone, said, ?Please use the toilet located on the end of the seat?. I replied, ?okay?. And throughout the flight, I notice that some stewardesses were avoiding serving me. Bitches.

I caught couple of short winks during the flight. Watched some old and new in-flight movies. Read my newly bought book, A Prison Diary by FF 8282 written by Sir Jeffrey Archer. He notes down his daily life in prison starting from day one to day 30 (currently, there are 3 volumes for this book, I bought the first volume. There should be more to come since Archer is still serving a 4 years imprisonment for perjury). His accounts on prison life in United Kingdom sounds fair. He wasn?t abused and people there respect him. I was expecting him to write something about being butt fucked (just like American History X, Edward Norton was forcefully being butt fucked in the prison shower).

Mumbai (formally known as Bombay) airport changed a bit but not significantly. The unfriendly airport authorities and the strict custom checks were still there. There are couple of new shops opened, selling alcohol and cigarettes. While we were disembarking for transit, I overheard a conversation between a European man and lady. The man said he was looking forward for the transit, as he wanted to relax at McDonalds and smoke. I said to myself, ?McDonalds? Boy, you guys will surely be disappointed. All they have in Mumbai are a bunch of unscrupulous traders selling overpriced goods at US dollars.
20 minutes before arrival in Singapore, I finally broke the ice and spoke to the lady sitting next to the aisle. I thought she was reluctant to speak to me, as we did not exchange a single word throughout the flight. However, as soon as I finish my first sentence, she spoke non-stop. She?s heading to Canberra to meet up with her husband and probably get a job there. I told her how boring Canberra is, she agreed because all her friends told her the same thing. I told her that if she likes nature, then she would like Canberra. The last time I was in Canberra, there were wild parrots, kangaroos and huge man made lakes there.

Changi Airport is like a shopping centre. There were plenty of shops selling loads of stuff ranging from computer hardware to clothes. There?s this shop selling Singapore Airlines Stewardess uniform, ideal for people who want to fuck a stewardess. I spent most of my time at the airport cinema. It?s free and their seats are damn comfy!

There was a lot of waiting in this journey back home. I had to wait for my train to Manchester airport, I had to wait in Manchester Airport for an extra 2 hours because my flight was delayed, I had to wait in Mumbai for my transit, I had to wait 4 hours in Singapore because I missed my flight back due to Kuala Lumpur due to the delay (total 24 hours). Despite all the obstacles, it?s well worth it! Glad i’m back in Malaysia!

Canberra lakes
Canberra 2002 – East Aussie backpacking trip – beautiful man made lakes.

11:50PM? I’ve been very busy ever since i’m back. I barely slept (i had less than 5 hours of sleep daily) or even had the time to write my journal. This will be a short post. I’m going out in 10 minutes time. Will update everybody soon.