merry xmas!

The roads leading to shopping centres were badly congested today. It was congested yesterday too and I guess it would be congested again tomorrow. Melody and I wanted to head to Midvalley Megamall to catch a movie. Unfortunately, the traffic was so bad that I had to make a U-turn.

We ended up in 1U Shopping Centre. Once again, the road in was congested. It took us a while to park my car. As soon as we got out from the car, everywhere was filled with people. Melody and I bought some stuff and left the place as soon as possible. While we were on our way out from the car park, we saw a car had one of its tyres plunged into a drain. The driver couldn’t get it out. I laughed as soon as I saw a girl was driving it (I always have the tendency to blame women drivers when I see an accident).

We were on the verge of getting out of the car park when we saw the accident. I took out RM1 to pay for the parking fee and was ready to pay the person standing next to the automatic gate. However, he wasn’t looking at me and was talking to his friend. The automatic gate was wide open. The first thing that struck my mind is that, the parking must be free! I drove straight out passing the automatic gate and soon there’s a loud thump on the roof of my car. It was the barricader. I stopped the car and the guy that was supposed to collect the fare ran towards my car. I opened my window and the Malay guy started screwing me in Malay. He was speaking so fast that the only words that I could catch were “kereta seratus ribu pun tak boleh bayar satu ringgit ke?” and “bodoh! (stupid)”. I gave him the RM1 and closed my window behind he could finish his sentence. This is what I get for laughing at people’s misfortune. This is clearly an example of instant Karma! My negative behaviour is punished with this!

Christmas eve
Dad and I went over to my sister’s place for her open house party. They were also celebrating my nephew’s 14th birthday. It’s been years since I’ve seen them and boy, my nephew (second eldest nephew) looks damn gay. My youngest nephew is now in Standard 4, studying in a Chinese school. By the way, my sister is married to Alex, a Malay man and converted into Muslim. And to those who have known me for years and thinking “What sister? Since when you have a sister?” I didn’t know I had a sister till last September. She’s always been a part of the family but I don’t know anything about our actual relationship until recently. The funny thing is that I’ve always been brought up as an only child in the family and also with the belief that I’m the only child. Some of my friends asked me whether did the advent of a sister negatively affect me. I guess not. I’m all right with it but when the news first hit me. I was shocked and confused. How the hell and what the hell happened? The relationship of my family is a very complicated one. But it’s a very personal matter. I shall not discuss it here.

My sister is married with 4 kids and works under a big firm. She’s currently reading law as a part time student. She seemed even more hardworking than me.

My niece, who shares the same birthday as me (24th September 1999), is damn cute! She has big round eyes with a fair chubby face. She looks different from my other nephews as she looks more Chinese than the others.

Dad and I spent the whole night eating Sarawak Laksa and talking to my sister and her husband. My nephew would sometimes come over and say couple of sentences. Dad had to shower him with praises in order to shut him up.

It was already 11 o’clock when I came home. My friends were already drinking in echo, Bangsar and I had to meet up with them there. However, driving out to Bangsar at that time would be suicide. I tried calling couple of taxis but all of them refused to bring me there. I decided to skip Christmas countdown and stay home till Umeng calls me.

We ended up in Bangsar ½ hour after midnight. The place is still filled with people and rubbish.
I downed couple of glasses of whisky coke once I arrive. Most of my friends were tipsy by then. By the end of the night, I was fucked.