Just Thai @ 1 Utama, New Wing

I have often walked by the restaurant and wondered whether the food was good. I’d scrutinise the list of food outside the restaurant and figured out that I didn’t want to eat just a plate of pineapple fried rice.
Finally, I gave it a go. If you notice, nowadays FNB (food and beverage) places pay close attention to decor and ambience and … er, yeah, that.
So I liked the decor.
I like fried food, too, although too much is not a good thing. ;(

My companion was not into green curry, so we ordered the red curry instead. I am really used to ordering green curry whenever I eat at a “thai” restaurant (like Sri Ayuthaya at Medan Damansara). But the red curry was not too bad, I really liked it.
I was disappointed with dessert, of course. Instant coconut milk (santan) is a no no! And so few shreds of jackfruit (nangka) in it. Sobs. It was OK, anyway.
Other information:
Just Thai is part of the chain of restaurants owned by S.E.A. Cuisin Sdn Bhd. You’ve seen Bangkok Jazz Thai Bistro, Bangkok Jam Thai Restaurant, Basil Thai Nudle Bar, just to name a few. The first restaurant the company opened is the Rain Nudle House at KLCC.
Check out their profile here. Click on “Our Restaurants” and “More” to catch a glimpse of the restaurants’ interior – nice!
There’s a spelling error on one of the pages … but that’s just me being anal, ;P

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