Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad @ Jalan Raja Laut

Around February 2007, the Courts at Wisma Denmark and Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur will be moving to a new court complex at Jalan Duta. It is claimed that the new RM290mil complex is the biggest in the world with , 77 courtrooms consisting of the Magistrateโ€™s courts (26 courtrooms), Sessions Courts (21 courtrooms) and the High Court, including the Family Court (30 courtrooms).
By end of this year, lawyers will bid Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad farewell.

Lying on Jalan Raja Laut is dangerous. Few years back, a lady lawyer was killed while crossing the road. She was rammed by a bus.

21 thoughts on “Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad @ Jalan Raja Laut”

  1. khinko: yes me!
    cnigel : i think the problem in the lack of man power in the judiciary
    eletronicfly: on a weekend. i was quite surprised that there were not mat rempits that time !
    endroo G: Palace of Justice houses the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court. They will remain there
    eraine: keekek not nice mehh???
    galferar: yea lo. so still wanan apply to my firm? :p

  2. the biggest in e world? is it becoz e crime rate in e country is e world’s highest? dat’s why they need such a big place 2 hold all e courts simultaneously? m’sia alwiz try 2 break great world records.

  3. DieHardX: the court also includes the commercial and civil division and also the family court. it has nothing to do with having the highest crime rate in msia.

  4. how ironic. we’re lack of man power in the judiciary but stil we wanted to build the world largest court complex. it is so true reflecting what michaelback has commented about our government. unreasonable justification of using taxpayers money.

  5. cnigel: maybe the expansion is to increase space to accomodate the newly increased man power?
    insomia: what la, wanna see dead people aaa?? hehe
    M: ekeke nono, i didnt take that photo so i didnt publish it! keke copyright infringement!

  6. Well erm, would that mean that the pic of you lying on the street is a copyright infringement since you obviously didn’t take it .. LOL *lawyers* sigh ….

  7. Gambarnya menarik cuma,kalau boleh,tolong tuliskan penerangan lanjut tentang bangunan ini dengan lebih terperinci…

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