Kemaman Kopitiam @ Kuantan

In early May, the makan team made a trip down to Kuantan, Pahang.

When we first stepped in Kuantan, my first question was ‘Where to have lunch!?’

The answer was ‘Kemaman Kopitiam!’

So we headed towards the place, which on located on a corner lot, opposite Berjaya Megamall.

I immediately did a quick search on the internet and found a blog recommending their toasted bread and iced coffee.

So ordered their toasted bread and iced coffee plus their ‘milo king’, special nasi lemak and Myanmar noodles.

Niamah Noodles. Tasted weird.

The service was excellent. Commendable.

The interior was excellent as well. Very homey and comfortable.

But I must say their food and drinks sucked. It was no where near Yut Kee, Kluang Railway or Village Park.

Milo King – came with ice cream and chocolate chips – crap

The bill came up to RM39! Bloody expensive for a meal for 2 people for this type of food!

Upon checking, it seems that my nasi lemak with a small piece of grilled chicken and a fried egg costs me RM13.90!

Soooo not worth it! kanasai! RM13.90 I can eat two plates of nasi lemak + rendang ayam @ Village Park!

Thumbs down for this place!

But if you want to find a good place to relax and have a drink, you can head to Kemaman Kopitiam. The map is below.

What ever you order, don’t order Milo King. Damn kanasai.

24 thoughts on “Kemaman Kopitiam @ Kuantan”

  1. i think the only famous kopitiam in Kemaman itself is “Kedai Kopi Hai Peng” … they’re the real thing .. kemaman kopitiam, er .. sounds like a rip-off ..

  2. Kemaman kopitiam is pretty much the same as Hai Peng. The son in law of Hai Peng is the business owner.

  3. Darren: ahha its supposed to be myanmar mee..i changed it to niama mee

    kf&uaredumb: damnit should have asked you guys before i goo!!

    Dan: wow, you from kuantan ar

  4. This kemaman kopitiam is sort of like branch of the hai peng kopitiam in kemaman. The food price is damn expensive. For example, 2 pieces of french toast cost about 6 bucks. But, the food is nice, at least worth the money. If not, you really going to go siao is the food is not nice but the price is pocket burning. By the way, you can try old town too. It is almost like kemaman kopitiam.

  5. Audrey: 6 bucks for 2 pieces of french toast is damn expensive. Around kl price liao. Kuantan ppl must be quite rich, can afford eating rm6 french toast

  6. kemaman kopitiam is NOT hai peng kopitiam’s branch..and the owner is not hai peng’s son in law…so happened im from kuantan so i can fully confirm about my sould try out at hai peng’s someday..the kemaman’s hai peng which is the authentic one..or their branch in kuantan..same name..kedai kopi hai peng…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the ex yet kanasai kemaman kopitam

  7. Totally agree wif esther…. the original hai peng has a branch in Ktn town… behind miva funiture shop…. go try their coffee…..
    Btw, i;m from ktn and find it hard to recommend good food to my visiting frens….. food wise ktn sucks! however the beach is not bad lar….. : )

  8. I just went there for business trip…went to tried out the Kemaman Kopitiam as recommanded by my friend said very famous there…Guess wat…my mind thought about what u have wrote,cos is damn expensive!! 1 slice of bread i can buy 1 pack of gardenia bread d,and gardenia bread is nicer than that..then i order a white & black coffee..i thought what so special,just a cup of coffee added some milo,and this cos me RM5.50…wao! and by colleague order there famous Kemaman COffee Ice…gossshhh…the coffee is sour… quality at all…im wondering how come so many ppls said this Kemaman Kopi nice??? Just becos of the Dato K & Siti Norhaliza photo is there? im so dissapointed with the service too..the waiters and waitresses there not comman manner at all…and the shop is very dirty and in the mess..seem like no manager to take k…emmm….suck!

  9. Kemaman Kopitiam is not Hai Peng Branch BUT the owner of Kemaman Kopitiam, Kuantan, Mr Stanley is definately Hai Peng’s ex son in law. I am not saying that esther is wrong but being from Kuantan doesn’t mean she know everything… Do believe just go to Kemaman Kopitiam, Kuantan and ask Stanley himself or ask Eleane Wong (the ex wife and the daughter of Mr Wong Chang Hai, Hai Peng’s Owner) at Hai Peng Kemaman,

  10. Kuantan have more food to try like ikan bakar at tanjung lumpur , chicken chop at tc n etc. Hope the next trip you come will be more exciting .

  11. anyone heard about Old Taste Kopitiam…is my favourite to lepak at Melaka…i like thier hazelnut coffee…
    Concept also more or less like Old Town & Kemaman Kopitiam…
    but Old Taste Kopitiam i feel more environment friendly
    should try out guys…

  12. Ya,KL do have branch,but my friend said not as good as i said..haha…but Melaka OLD TASTE really do a good job,they will come out new items every few month…I went to try Uncle John Kopitiam’s coffee…OH MY GOD,is sour! how can they served sour coffee??!!! Anyone have the same experience?

  13. GUYS…first time to KB Kemamang Kopitiang just now (10am). Ordered nasi lemak but the rice is yet ready cooked?!!! Oh please…and the ‘so called’ taukeh…eksyen giler…man…

    Ordered bread toast, egg and baked beans (actually peas). And the conclusionzzzz :

    1. No bad service and no bad food for me, thanks.

    2. And…no second time.

  14. i would like to rent the little space of your place in this kopitiam. i’m sell karipap panas 69(francais). if u like u can call my number-014-8393896-azri

  15. wow.. alot of bad comment bout this kopitiam…. but dont because of 1 then we all let go of which realli teasty food serve shop… guess what there is a new kemaman kopitiam SDN BHD….. do not get mixed up…. is totally different management style and quality of food serve…the lady boss there is friendly….Well.. i have been there several times and the food is good and tasty….. the NAsi LEmak Kukus Ayam Special…. is Yummy… and the new ” bittergourd with salty egg” is yummy and special too…… give it a nother chance and go to the NEW KEMAMAN KOPITIAM SDN BHD> located at kuantan perdana… same row with CITIBANK kuantan branch & beside Heong Leong (Previouse EON bank)

  16. Expensive price paid For not so great food…Rm 7.00 for lemon juice not even cant taste the lemon…. We paid Rm 38.00 for 2 . Order dry chille chicken,came a plate full of dry chill with so little chicken…..overall is cut throat….

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