Kyoto, Japan – Rokuon-Ji

I visited Kyoto when I was in Japan few weeks back.

Kyoto is the ultimate tourist magnet in Japan. It’s well known for its Shrines and Geisha.

The Famous Kinkaku

Our first destination in Kyoto was Rokuon-Ji Temple, where the famous Kinkaku (Golder Pavilion) is housed.
Jane & I traveled around by bus using a One Day Bus ticket at the price of 500 Yen.
Kinkaku is a pavilion consisting of 3 floors. The 2nd and 3rd floor are covered with golf leaf on Japanese lacquer.

Top Floor

Unfortunately, the original Kinkakuji was burned down by a mad monk in the 1950s. It was rebuilt few years later.
Other than Kinkaku Jin, the garden of the temple is also worth looking at. At the end of the tour, we tried tea ceremony at one of its tea houses. They served us a bowl of green tea and a sweet to ease the bitterness of the green tea.

Jane said I look very Jap here. Jap Ojisan (uncle) I guess.

Such Japanese tourist attraction is not complete without Hello Kitty. God Damn Hello Kitty is everywhere. Even the “Drive Safely Charm” has a Hello Kitty version of it!

We hung around pigging on free food offered by souvenir shops. We tried some sort of Green Tea mochi. It tasted great!!! We kept on going back to the same stall to eat their free mochi. 😀
Another unique souvenir in Rokuon-Ji is the gold flakes water. It’s just water with gold flakes, I don’t know how does it improve our health. All I remember is that I got bloody gold flakes stuck on my throat!
There’s a mini shrine just next to the souvenir shops. It’s damn “international”.

Jane praying that she’ll strike lottery…

I once blogged about fortune teller vending machine at a temple. Now, it’s fortune teller vending machine in THREE LANGUAGES!!

English, Korean & Japanese.

14 thoughts on “Kyoto, Japan – Rokuon-Ji”

  1. Ohayo Ojisan!~ hahaha
    those Hello Kitty, my MeLody so cute lor!!!!!
    hm…cheapskate sia, eat free mOchi, but that’s what i would do too!! 😛

  2. errmmm… what about the geisha? that’s the only thing i’m interested in… pictures of them doing stuff and all… shrine’s dont mean jack to my shallow pool of interests… and shrine spells almost the same as skrine, hahahahaha

  3. peggy: aiyah before buying it must try maaa hehe
    Applegal: TQ! ehh the green tea is actually quite nice 😀
    cm: maikko (apparentice geisha) is a rare sight in kyoto actually. you have to be at the right place and right time to see one. however, there are loads of tourist dressing up as maikko on the streets. that i got photos of it la. will post later. hehe and LOL about the skrine part ahhah

  4. Super thick man the green tea. Why never take picture of the girl who served it to you? 😛
    They use some kinda brush or something to “mix” the tea rite?

  5. sehsehalzn: think of green tea chocolate…minus the chocolate..
    wolfx: yup, some sort of brush. u sure u want the picture of the person who served me tea ah? didnt know u were a milf!! heheh!!
    gunni: yeah yeah yeah
    chuoming: cheebye, u wait. i’ll post later.

  6. xes: I’m not a milf. I’m a milf HUNTER! Mwahahahahah!
    Who knows man, that obaa-san might be some super master geisha in her time, and still has the right moves. ;P

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