Malaysia Boleh and its Light Railway Transit System Part 2

As regular LRT user, i had seen a lot of “civic minded” folks taking the reserved seat. However, some of them will give it away when they stumbled upon a needy person. Some just could not be bothered and contiune to act blur. I had even seen a blindman standing in the LRT. Comon man, the fellow is BLIND. He might not be able to see you but you can see him suffering there!!! STANDING!!! HE IS BLIND…you DUMBO!!!
However, that still does not piss me off because ever so often there will be some kind soul who will hold his hand or support his body to prevent him from tumbling over. BUT THIS INCIDENT DEFINATELY PISSED ME OFF!!!
On 12-12-2005), i went down to KL and had lunch with Ms. HS because it was a public holiday in Selangor. On my journey back, i was standing. One stop after that, an old man got on the train. He was looking at two teenagers who was sitting down on a red chair (Even though it’s a red chair, don’t you think you should give it up to the old folks as well?). Teen A looked at the old man’s walking stick and said to Teen B
“Dude, you should give up your seat to the uncle. He has a walking seat”
“Why don’t you give yours to him”
Then Teen A got up…
“Hahaha, you think i will give the seat to him, right?”
They laughed out loudly. The uncle and me looked to each other and shaked our head. Then, the train reached it next stop. I turned around and checked to see if there was empty seat or not. The uncle did the same as well. The two teens still remained unbudged from their seats though so were the other seated passengers.
Soon, the train started its journey to its next stop. The uncle and me glanced at the two teens in disgusted occasionally while i continue to pretend looking for empty seats. The teens remained unbudged for another two stops and the uncle and me contined doing what we were doing namely glancing at the teens and i contined looking for empty seats.
Finally, the teens could not take it anymore.
Teen A: Dude, the journey is damn long la. Let’s get down and have a smoke first.
Teen B: eeer…i agree.

11 thoughts on “Malaysia Boleh and its Light Railway Transit System Part 2”

  1. Frank: Wah, u psycho them kau kau wei. Emotional and psychological blackmail. They gonna be truma-tice for life by this incident.

  2. hurhur.. next time u shud try the “hello blabla, im a lawyer and under section balbalblaa u are gonna be sueeddd forrr rahrah” probably jump up straightaway wei :p

  3. actually, if it was me, i would just go up to those kids and tell them off. let them have the shame of their lives for not giving up their seats to the old man.
    who cares if they are traumatised or not? sometimes they just need to be humiliated. hehe..

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