Last Dock Brief Session

Our legal aid duty ends today. Though it’s been 3 month, it seems that it’s been a long time.

It was a very enjoyable experience. We were able to meet many types of people, criminals especially. The first few sessions were hell for us, none of us got proper training everything ran on trial and error. Nice scolding from Magistrates and even bullied by men in uniform.

We have to dress in black and white when attending court.

In the beginning, we pitied the criminals. They lived in horrid conditions, abused and some didn’t have proper shower for weeks. But after weeks of exposure, our sympathy towards them is almost zero.
One of the most important rules we learn is never trust our clients. Many have lied to us and eventually exposed in court. It was embarrassing sometimes to find our “client” with 2 pages worth of previous convictions and we already told the court that our client is a first offender!

A shy criminal..
It’s actually frank..hehehe

Throughout our 3 months, we encountered grateful clients, ungrateful clients, difficult policemen, irritating people, HIV positive clients and even child molesters. Sometimes our clients cry and sometimes client’s relatives cry.

Eager relatives waiting for their love ones to be unloaded from the police truck

Today our client’s elderly aunt cried.

It was just a small theft case whereby our client wanted to post bail. Since the old lady couldn’t walk much and doesn’t understand Malay well, we assisted her throughout the whole process. There were 8 of us, dressed in suits, helping out an old lady.

Frank posing

We felt sad that our session is coming to an end. Hence, Kevin, Der Lin and I brought our cameras to take pictures. We took loads of picture ranging from our fellow colleagues to fellow prisoners. While waiting for the elderly lady’s application to be processed, we hung around the Court area and took pictures. Loads of pictures until we heard a man from behind saying, “eh..these people are students ah?”.

While waiting….


All good things must come to an end, I dread that this Dock Brief session has come to an end. I will miss the smelly prisoners, my fellow colleagues, the fun and laughter of the Friday Day Brief Batch 41 group. I doubt this would happen again in this legal life. To all new dock brief students, please enjoy every moment of it!

Signing off…

31 thoughts on “Last Dock Brief Session”

  1. ehhhhhhhhhh imagine u with the wig.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA :X
    anyway.. shef’s pretty boring.. nothing to do there! 🙁 should’ve gone ice skating damnit!

  2. in yr group pic u all look like a bunch of high school debaters la…all oso black n white oni…

  3. karheng: i guess so?
    earl0ku: thank u!!
    penispup: u donno how to enjoy sheffield la keke
    LoLa: she posing ma..dont kacau
    galferari: hah! wait till u have to wear that!
    boob_omatic: yes we know. its pretty obvious hehe
    frank: oh yeah hor.. u’re the man la. shout at the judge until he’s scared of u
    electronic fly: correction…high school debaters look like us..hehe
    cheryljohn: hehe thank u thank u!

  4. lolol.. ppl kembang sial.. ppl say u look hot.. hahaha .. k lah.. u do look hot lah 😛
    enjoy sheffield? laa.. like nowhere to go oni maa..only those pubs and all.. nothing much wad.. so windy wan. cold like babi giler

  5. what’s peak district?! parks ar? there’s a park outside my bro’s place.. nothing one.. saw another one.. damn alot of graveyards la. i dun like :X
    chisin meh see ghost.. where’s 16 Watson Road? my bro lives in Fawcett Street

  6. You have already finished legal aid eh? I am from the previous batch of Legal Aid students, and I _still_ have one more session of LAC duty to make up. My Legal Aid feels like it is neverending.

  7. penispup: peak district is a national park. see my post on it la. 16 watson road is at broomhill D:
    chuoming: hehe yea yea 😀
    leesh: eheheh go on friday! trust me!! ehe

  8. frank: shucks, that is quite smart. I shd have done that earlier.
    xes: hmmm, I think I understand. =) Next Friday it is then! You will see me at LAC! But first, I am going to try to ‘convince’ legal aid center to issue the legal aid letter to Bar Comm. I myself am not sure whether I completed my 14 days or not.

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