LG Scarlet Contest

LG has just started an online contest where participants must either create a video using clips that are provided (“Director”) or alternatively, become a fan of a video that was created (“Fan”).
To win as a Director, participant must create a video by choosing 6 clips from a list of clips provided in the website. Video with the most votes will entitle them to the grand prize or weekly prize.

As for a Fan, participant must choose a video that they wish to promote and then invite friends to join the contest. The highest accumulated number of virals entitled the participant to win the grand prize.

The prizes are the grand prize of a LG Scarlet 35” LCD or a weekly prize of a LG Hi-Fi.

In creating a video, a Director will have to combine 6 clips into one and then insert dialogs into any of the clips.

When I first surfed the contest website, there were not many videos. I watched two videos and I was almost bored to death.
I thought I should come out with something different. Hence., I created two videos but I think one got rejected because it was too crude. The second video (below) was approved!

Direct link
Note: The dialog box is supposed to be on the bottom but it became a bubble form instead.
Please vote for me!!!
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