Bali, Indonesia: 2008

These 2 months I’ve been traveling quite a bit. I’ll be off to Bali, Indonesia for 3 days (company trip).

But Bali…heard a lot of about it, everyone’s been there, seen too many photos of it, heard many bad things about it. Let’s see whether my perception will change when I come back.


5 thoughts on “Bali, Indonesia: 2008”

  1. bro you have to try the satay lilit, bebek betutu(duck) and the babi panggang. sedap i tell you and beer is freaking cheap there according to Joanna

  2. Darren: It was a mabuk trip. zzz
    Mizz Muffet: thanks! its just that this past 3 months I had to travel abit. 😀

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