Maids in Malaysia

2 weeks ago, I received an email from my HR Department:

Dear all,
Kindly be informed that XXX is on emergency leave today because her maid ran away.

I laughed out loud upon reading it. On the next day, I received another email from the HR department.

Dear all,
Kindly be informed that XXX is on leave today because she had to bring her daughter to school because her maid ran away last week.

LOL! Poor fellow!

I wonder where all these runaway maids go to when they run away. When mine ran away, she got cheated by her Bangladeshi boyfriend, dumped, had an affair with a local married man and gave birth to a child but was dumped by the married man. Tragic.

Domestic maids running away is quite common in Malaysia. So common until a local maid agency had to give an assurance that..

their maids wont run away.

8 thoughts on “Maids in Malaysia”

  1. Previously when I have a maid, my aunt send her AWAY because she got an affair with some Indons staying opposite the house.
    I’m planning to get a maid for my grandma, as usual afraid that they will run away.

  2. wah maid ar? i dont think its a good idea. as you read in newspaper. not only run away. but that case that in penang. 28yrs old woman tied and raped that case.

  3. Dont get a maid who is too young and not married. They sure gatal one.
    A maid in her 30s and married should be ok. Sometime, employer should treat them like a human and they will not runway or do bad things to your household. And… don’t get a good looking maid….. just in case they gatal or even worse.. you gatal…
    Anyway, I don’t like maid. I rather clean the house myself. But to hire a maid to take care of a sick person or old folks, thats a different story. Haha.

  4. hahaha I think your HR Dept is also funny, hv to mention the reason why this or that person is on leave, especially because of maid @__@

  5. Darren: yeah so ngam that i found it too!
    insomnia: yeah man. thats creeppy.
    efly: yeah like my friend’s maid. threatened to jump off the building keke
    Amos: wah so bad. break their hearts 🙁
    Kink: LOL
    endroo G: yea man. too young not good :s
    Cenni: kkeke cause XX reports to me and i need to know the reason why she’s away 😀

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