No Time for Repairs

Are girls more uncaring when it comes to their cars, compared to men? Or is it the other way round?
Sometimes I think my friend is an embarrassment to women. ;D Seriously, she doesn’t seem bothered when her car is covered with mud all over!
I met up with her the other day, only to see her car almost falling apart.
“What’s this?!” I pointed to her signal light. “Go get it repaired!”
“Hehehhe,” she giggled. “No timeeeeeee! Can’t get off work early to get it repaired!”
“So, you just cellotaped it for the time being?” I asked.
“Hehehehe, YA! At least it won’t fall out and clang clang clang against the side.” she replied.
She even went ^_^ when she answered.

See! So not ashamed…..

5 thoughts on “No Time for Repairs”

  1. errrr my male friend also does that.. jimat jimat … but better sharpen the skills on cellotape, later police notice easily 😛

  2. chiew xes also don’t maintain his car la.
    See what happened to him last time?
    Car tyre drive until puncture then change spare also no air.
    Cheers Incoming Birthday boy!

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