Malaysia government declares state of emergency in Kuala Selangor and Port Klang
Source: – Thanks to ivN
Department of Enviroment – AIR POLLUTANT INDEX (API) on 11.8.2005
The weather makes me feel like our days are numbered.

fog you motherfogging foggers!!!!
FRANK’s Report
The API in PJ & KL where xes and me stay and work in,hit 349 and 321 respectively as reported by The Star Online.

The lighting of my office’s reception area make it looks like we are living in a bioharzard zone.

LDP from the Kelana Jaya LRT station’s bridge

The view from 7th Floor, Pertama Complex. We can see KLCC from here but not today. Maybe, i should say “On a good, clear day, we can see KLCC from here.”

Blurry view from the LRT…no, there is nothing wrong with the window or my camera phone.

Just hope that the giant minty, cool, and refreshing Halls Fan can repell the Haze
GOD help us!

16 thoughts on “Malaysia government declares state of emergency in Kuala Selangor and Port Klang”

  1. Listen to this all time great by the Platters for those falling in love under hazy conditions!
    They asked me how I knew my true love was true
    I of course replied “something here inside cannot be denied”
    They said “someday you’ll find all who love are blind”
    When your heart’s on fire, you must realize SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES
    So I chaffed them and I gaily laughed to think they could doubt my love
    Yet today my love has flown away, I am without my love
    Now laughing friends deride tears I cannot hide
    So I smile and say “when a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes”
    Smoke gets in your eyes
    Smoke gets in your eyes

  2. that picture is dated 25th June 2005. How was the haze then? Not as bad as this!!
    I have doubts that THIS haze is originating from indo.. its too concentrated!!

  3. mwt: hehehe u forgot to add my favourite part..the oOOOOOOooooooooOOOoooo part!!
    Darren: yeah fog u motherfogging foggerse!!
    asd: i think the open business has been on for a while but the indo government didnt do anything about it until recently due to the change in wind movement. god damn it..

  4. why din they use the tsunami water to put out the fire? like that at least those who died in the tsunami also din die in vain. anyway, as i said, INDONS = PARIAHS!!!!

  5. The indon government don’t even care about the matter cause thier country is not infected….just see how care- less are they!

  6. mebbe they are planning to have a concert over there to help raise funds for our medical bills and supply us with more masks…
    and mebbe another tsunami will hit them this year, and we shall not donate this time!
    and is god going to punish me for saying things like that? =\

  7. I still can’t get over the fact that the ministers are going to resolve this in a “soft-softly” manner. #$&#$&#$&#$(*#&$()
    *shoves durian up their arse!*

  8. Malaysia logging companies in Indo are helping with ‘haze production’ too. I think if we must say something… we must also tembak ourselves too. …*sign*… haze sucks man

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