Malaysia is tEh best!

I have to write an essay on “Malays1a’s pos1tion in the global context”. Basically, it’s about Malays1a’s economic position in the world and what are Malays1a’s good points against other developed countries. Any suggestions? Please backup your points with references please!

My dateline is this Wednesday. 3000 words essay in a very short notice.

– I shall expand this further later.

11 thoughts on “Malaysia is tEh best!”

  1. Aye! I oso writing something like that. But I’m writing in a more Human Rights context. I have to touch a little bit on it’s economy too. When u finish send me a copy k? ehhehee..thanks!Jor, meanwhile I’ll try to look 4 something too ler..

  2. malaysia? lemme see, malaysia’s now number 1 for making public criticisms against every damn race there is, no 1 for condeming USA, no 1 for corruption, cronysm, inefficiency, police brutality, pirated vcds and everything else that can be pirated, no 1 at bombarding singapore (although sometimes they do deserve it), no 1 promising something but not delivering it, and oh, also no 1 at setting stupid records like swimming across the english channel and stuff like that.

  3. One of the highest GDP rate?Formation of AFTA leading to higher competition. GATTCommodities..Petroleum..I hope that can help..ah well

  4. best infrastructure? u gotta be kidding me, just check out our public transport system, u practically have to wait hours for the damn bus. the LRTs take u to weird places, and our labour is not cheap compared to india. why do u think there are so many immigrants.

  5. well…. basically u can paragraph your essay by areas u wanna cover….for instance, firstly on politics. Msia stand on the middle east and terrorism. Then politics within ASEAN. How as an ASEAN member can help. Also about being the chairman of NAM. Also of being OPEC. How Msia can project the issue of religion as terrorism with this chairmanships.Secondly on economics. Implementation on AFTA. Preliminary measures taken in year 2004. Handling of currency issues. Outstanding performance w/o WTO help. The comparatively growth rate of GDP. How Msia see China and India as trade partner or competitor. Adoption of EU marketing instead of America. The idea of adopting Dinar as the de facto currency for oil.How about tourism? Sabah and all. All those visit Msia year xxxx. And the steps taken by police ensure good safetly of tourist ie in Sabah and all. Terrengganu has one of the beautiful islands. Projection of Msia as tourist destination cos it was a host to ..that reality show. Survivor??Sports? Bidding for Asia Games host? Hosted Commonwealth Games? Sports achievements, so on …Then others la, bla bla bla.

  6. infrastructure in terms of the electricity, better roads cuz as in india u might have all of sudden of no electricity an things like that

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