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My work had an interesting twist last week. I had to head to one of the IPDs (Ibu Pejabat Daerah, District Headquarters) in Kuala Lumpur today. I had to meet a certain officer at one building with a few floors. The building is not exactly in good shape, I can almost term it as ‘dilapidating’.
The stairs were badly lit.
The paints were peeling.
Fungus was growing all over the wall.
Rubbish was everywhere.
The offices have no aircon, bloody hot. I almost dozed off.
Ants were running all over the place, too.
But they have cable TV. O____O||
The sight wasn’t pretty, too. I saw a few men in pink “Lock up T-shirts” in handcuffs walking around barefoot.

Pink Lock up T-shirt. I wonder where can I buy one.
One elderly man had his family with him. His family bought him curry rice. The police had to uncuff him so that he could eat his curry rice with his bare hands. Poor guy.
Good news is that some departments of the IPD are moving to one building by the name of Perdana something.
I was told by a Chief Inspector that the new office is hard to find.
Chief Inspector: “One day I sent my boys to find the new office, to see whether they could find the place easily. None of them came back except for 1 who took 3 hours to find the place! And that person told me that it’s hard to find that building.”
The first thing that came up to my mind was, “tiu.. I bet they were happily sitting at the mamak la.”
Of course, this is merely speculation. I heard that our force is underpaid and overworked.

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  1. tiu thats why as u guys mentioned lohh…bribe mar. come on who goes to a club n dont drink? i would say 2 out of 30. so when kena block confirm have to pay la…minimum also 150 (very lucky d) they see big nice car they ask for 400-500. dun dare main main with them. want to lansi them cannot also they toll ur car u go court pay 2000 lagi worst. minimum one night set up road block on a saturday confrm few thousands easily.
    summary of story…dont drink. just pop. 🙂

  2. 😀 😀 😀 malaysia truly boleh…. but XES-san… you so dare to do this… you not scared end up macam jeff ooi?

  3. a professional government worker [like me =(] seriously gets paid very very little. When pay is little..motivation is little too. U work hard & smart but at the end of the u look at ur bank acc which is negligible…u kinda get demotivated. PLUS, when they see u are one of the hardworkers, EVERYTHING GETS PUSH TO U!!!! argghhh…..n the lazy ones just…oh ok..less work for me but i get the same pay as her hoorah! then hardworker gets EVEN more lar..very hard for me to change the mindset of my subordinates as well

  4. dB : i feel you la. i’m a student also on minimum wage hehe.. in fact lower than yours.
    but the main difference between students and police, the police risk their lives for us (well i’d like to think they do)
    so it kinda angers me when the govt announce that they’re gonna allocate a huge amount of money for something not worthwhile.
    like for example, our beloved pak lah is allocating RM23.5 million to redevelope his old high-school. stupid right? that money should be used to help the johorians, if not raise the salary of the police.

  5. Not only are they underpaid…
    My friends and contacts in the police force have described their working lives to me. 6 days work week, on call 24 hours, frequent all nighters (yes, more so than lawyers), way too many cases to handle at once…
    All this cause:
    1) Bribe taking. As rightly pointed out by xes and my fellow commentators.
    2) Creative interrogation techniques – a la give the guy a good walloping and he will confess.
    3) Shoddy investigation / work attitude. Just look at the papers screaming lousy police investigation. And all of us know their hearts are not into their work.
    4) Rule by fear – use of their badge, their rank and their guns to instill fear into the people, who dare not simply question back so as to ‘not look for trouble’.

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